Windows Phone: Offline Playlist Data on SD Card

Only with this feature will Spotify be really useable on lower end WP 8 devices like my HTC 8S!

Updated: 2015-11-17

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I posted this on another topic earlier, thought it might be useful to share here too. 


This could be a little harder to solve than first thought! Digging into this a little further, it is a Microsoft issue. 


On Windows Phone 8, external SD card storage appears to be read only:




Any news on this? I now have just a handful of my offline albums loaded, a phone with its memory full and a great big SD card sat empty.


Does anyone know of alternatives to Spotify that don't have this restriction?


Yes please for the love of god make this happen!

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Writing on an SD card from within a Windows Phone 8 app is impossible(right now), it is however possible to write to the SD card from a computer. So I have a proposal for a workaround.


In theory it should be possible to download music with the Spotify software on your computer to the sd card of the phone (all safe and encrypted, like the Spotify cache on a computer). This cache could then be read from the Spotify app on a phone.


I don't think this would be to much of a hassle, since this is already the standard procedure with Zune. I also don't see any major obstacles on the side of the implementation, the app just has to also use a read only source besides the read/write source in the isolated storage.


Best of course would be for Microsoft to allow writing on the SD card, but that is something you can't be certain about.


Please please please let us choose the storage place. please. please. please. 






I have now read that it is a limitation from the Windows Phone 8 API's and we'll then put some pressure on Microsoft to solve this first ;-(






Please make this part of a new release as soon as possible because it seems to me  (as a Windows Dev) not a nice to have but a first class requirements.


Thank you in advance for taking us into consideration.




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Not much more to ask for. Great product but I'd really like to have my music stored on the MiniSD card
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I'm using window 8.1 mobile on Nokia 1520.

I am really thinking of giving up Spotify because of this problem. Using spotify offline is the way I nomally listen to music because of the roaming prices and being outside the network area. Any news about this?


For those who want to play Spotify playlists offline (need Spotify Premium) on Windows Phone, this is what I did.


I have WP Lumia 720, Software 8.1 Cyan. I use 32 GB SD card for plenty of storage space.



Install SD card. Uninstall Spotify if on Phone.



Before you reinstall, go to Settings>Storage Sense. Scroll to Change where you store your music etc.



Select SD card to store new apps.


Connect to wifi, then download Spotify app from store. The app and all associated files will be on SD card. Log in.


I sync Spotify music that has been downloaded to my PC Spotify, where I select to play offline (so stored on computer).



Use wifi to get playlists on phone as offline syncing via usb cable is not yet available for WP (so no local files will sync). 


If not near wifi or travelling, I turn off mobile data before opening Spotify app so no data is used to display Spotify notices.