Windows Phone: Offline Playlist Data on SD Card

Only with this feature will Spotify be really useable on lower end WP 8 devices like my HTC 8S!

Updated: 2015-11-17

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yes, please sort this out, it makes premium spotify pretty unusable on some phones. Why has this option been removed from current versions?? 

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Trying to get all my music onto the SD Card and off of the phone - Would be great to get this done.


I agree with this, I could easily replace my mp3 player with a small smartphone if this were the case.


I was just about to download the app and renew my spotify membership to see that spotify (WP8) doesn't support SD card offline playlists. I'm running a buget lumia 620 with a 8gb micro sd which would be perfect to store spotify tracks on.


Hopefully this will be addressed soon as my old iPhone + Spotify were a perfect music companionship.

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I want this also on my HTC WP8 8S! Please change this in the next version

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I understand that this is a limitation Windows have implemented in Windows Phone 8, due unpredictable reliability issues they had with SD cards in Windows Phone 7...but it definitely needs a solution.  

Hopefully Spotify can use their considerable influence (I've become so reliant on Spotify, I wouldn't have changed to Windows without the promise that a Spotify app was coming) to push Windows to find a solution.  We don't have to run apps off the SD card (with the performance issues that might bring), but we do need to store app data on it.


This one is a no-brainer! Gotta be fixed.


Windows Phone 8S has only 4 GB memory and only 1GB is free to use, so even short playlist can dramatically decrease free space on the phone and may cause problems and make it working slower. If it is possible to install app on the phone, and store app data on the SD card, performance will be better, and more music can be stored.


As has been mentioned above, several WP8 devices ship with 4GB internal storage of which only 1GB is usable - for these devices Spotify is going to use prohibitive amounts of internal storage. Frustrating when there's a huge, empty SD card just waiting to accept those music files. I have deleted my Spotify app and premium account will follow shortly, as offline playlists are my driver for subscribing.