[Windows Phone] Support for Cortana

Spotify, any chance you could add cortana integration since there is no cost for this.. Apart from half an hour of your time.
That would be awsome esp as Microsoft have released the api for it!

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There's also a general idea about adding Cortana support for Spotify to Win 10 that you might want to add your kudos to here.

It's such an awesome feature,that you could just say Spotify play XX and it would play it. Playlists too...

the current Xbox Music implementation of this is great. Implementing Cortana voice commands it also relatively simple (I've done this for my apps).


'Spotify Play Ed Sheeren' would shuffle Ed Sheeren songs


'Spotify Play Rock Music Playlist' would play my Rock Music playlist


there's already Cortana support for Pause, Play and Skip.


I agree, would love this feature.  If it's not in an update to the WinPhone app soon, I might leave and go back to Xbox Music.  Main thing that's been keeping me is the desktop app for easy playlist creation!


YES!! Please do this and make the Spotify app less buggy on the windows phone. I'll be listening to a song and it will stop for no reason even though I have wifi coverage and told spoitify to download the song. Not too impressed with Spotify premium on the windows phone so far.

It would be great if there was integration with Cortana on Spotify... That way I could control Spotify using my voice like any other music app. It would be handy if I was driving and wanted to change the playlist, choose a song, or look up something.

This feature would also be extremely useful now for Windows 10 with the passive listening. You can be away from your computer and still have it start playing music, skip a song, and many other options. Please take a look Spotify!


Yeah it would be pretty sweet if spotify worked with Cotrana on Windows 10.


Cortana is certainly the future for Windows users, and any developer who provides a Windows App.


You can read about several music-related testimonials within comments on this Reddit Post.


Here are a couple examples:



The moment I realized I was living in the future was when I was changing my clothes to go outside and I said:

"Hey Cortana, play some music"

"Randomizing the library"

music starts from my own library

Then, I stopped for a moment to realize what happened. Now I use this almost everyday.



I feel the same way! I was playing Counter Strike yesterday while I had some music on. The game got into a tense moment where I needed to hear the enemies footsteps so I just said "Hey Cortana, pause the music" and she did. I resumed the music with cortana after that. For some reason I even felt the need to thank her even though she isn't even real

This may not seem very impressive, but at that moment I realized Cortana could actually be quite useful, and it excited me for the possibilities of AI assistants in the future!

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Hey folks, we're marking this as 'Not Right Now'. If we have any further news on this we'll let you all know, thanks.