[Windows] Universal App for Windows 10 (UWP)

Status: Case Closed



Posting this now so that when Windows 10 realeses for lots of devices it would be great to have an spotify app from the beginnning this time!

Miss the Spotify app on my Surface and on my xbox and the app on WP 8.1 is a bit laggy..


Updated on 2021-07-29

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


After reviewing this idea again, we will be closing it.  The reason for this is that quite some time has passed since its submission and a lot has changed since then. For one thing, we now offer an Xbox app.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


If this actually happen I will be so happy it. Windows 10 universal apps as the name tells will resolve an universal problem with everything Microsoft related. The opportunity to steal the market of music (and now video) streaming services for Microsoft's platform is in open to be claimed. The first company that releases a truly universal approach for supporting the most used desktop OS and its mobile versions will be my pick to where my monthly money will go.


I truly hope that company is Spotify. Windows 10 is the future of the desktop for sure and hopefully its mobile variant, adopt it first and you will get the market.


Unfortunately as I see they are upgrading the current desktop app constantly I like Spotify has already made a decision to not support an universal app. Having two separate apps for Windows desktop and Window Phone (Windows Mobile) will once again make it that the phone version is constantly being left behind for the new features etc. Make an universal app that shares the code and features out of the box and you will make many customers very happy and willing to stay with your service otherwise you will once again piss off many users.




Is there some news in there?


Actually for me the Spotify experience is pretty terrible right now because W10 scales my screen automatically to 150% -which is a good thing because it's a ultra high resolution laptop - but it makes the Spotify app extremely blurry...


spotify please make the app universal for windows and more features just like in IOS


make a universal app for windows 10! i'm missing the app for my xbox one and tablet. its a great idea one app for all the platforms


Spotify doesn't even need to do much because they can just copy paste the codes of Spotify for iOS and use it for Windows (It will work, Microsoft allows developers to quickly port iOS and Android apps to Windows 10). Spotify for iOS is the best app with its swipe right to queue feature (Not yet available for Android)

I also would like this!


Windows 10 app, with Tile showing what is playing, and notifications! Please Spotify!


They should just make a universal app for Windows 10. 

This will cover billions of devices and be one of the only music services/clients other than Microsofts Xbox/Groove Music on all Platforms.


Windows 10 is free for everyone, WP10 only has a few percent market share so there is no point in maintaining a specific app for it (it will just be a bonus), Xbox One is $350 including 2 games with monthly updates (expect sales to explode, especially with Halo and Gears coming out)


Spotify's only 4 problems in my book (mostly for desktop, i will label Android on everything that I am talking about for android): 

1.  Space utilization (left side pane example, picture 1 and 2) I find myself scrolling more than anything in the Left side pane

- only fits 15 items max on a 13" desktop screen

-  album art expanded it only holds 7 items

- Collapsible Headings: I never use anything under the "Your Music" Heading because everything I listen to is on spotify. I should be able to collapse the heading if I wanted

- Bad organization; especially under playlists. My playlists are mixed in with favourited playlists which makes it hard to find my playlists. I have 3 created playlists and following 20 more playlists

- Bad organization My playlists and following/save playlists should be under different headings. Saving CDs should be under an a different headings, podcasts should be under different headings. No all music category like in iTunes (this will be hard because of following/my playlists, saved cds and podcasts) 

      Example Headings: Podcasts, My Playlists, Followed Playlists, All Music (with artists, album/cd categories inside, much like in itunes)

      Example 2: under the "Your Playlist" heading: saved cd, following a record label, followed playlists, playlists i made, record labels i'm following (spinning records). None of these are related, why are they mixed together???? 

- Customize: font size, line spacing, rearrange headings. I don't use "Your Music" why is it in the dead middle for my usage? I should be able to rearrange like in feedly headings. The Feedly rearrangable UI could be much better but it definitely has the functionality




Overall the left side pane is a mess and needs an over haul. Look at how iTunes, Musicbee and feedly (not music related, I know but i have 100s of feeds which is insanely organized and I don't find myself lost ever.).


2. Search (almost everyone complains about this)

- search window is too narrow

    - font is huge

    - too much line spacing

- Searching all results window

    - no sorting options like most date, popularity, artists, song, album, genre, While Spotify does have most of those in the "Show all Results" function under search doesn't let me change it from accsending to decending. Not to mention a lot of those categories are missing in the whole program.

- CTRL+ F should be universal in every single category.


Overall look at Apple's iTunes/Apple music search and Spotlight search. Everything is nicely categorized



3. lack of streming and locally imported encoding formats

- tidal with it's small playlist is becoming a big hit and reviewers are marketing it for them only because of their Lossless playback. All sorts of Lossless and Flac is much needed. 


4. Notifications is a mess

- why show me multiple notifications from the same playlist instead of compiling them into 1?

- no full screen notifications

- before my follwing playlists lit up when I had a notification for it and showed me how many solds were added. Much like when I get a notification in spotify on windows and you see the notification number in a little circle


In order to build an universal app, these features need to be changed (except for the formats sinc eit doesn't have anything to do with UI/UX). Universal apps on Win10 waste a lot of space on a desktop as it is. 

I would love this as well, it seems like a no brainer. Build one app that works across phone, tablet, desktop, and xbox. Hell, I'd contribute a good chunk of money for a Kickstarter for this.
Me too

Now that Windows 10 has millions of users, almost overnight, it really needs to be supported by Spotify.  By doing so, it will also have the side effect of providing an app for phones and Xbox One too, given the new Universal app platform 🙂