[Windows] Universal App for Windows 10 (UWP)

Status: Case Closed



Posting this now so that when Windows 10 realeses for lots of devices it would be great to have an spotify app from the beginnning this time!

Miss the Spotify app on my Surface and on my xbox and the app on WP 8.1 is a bit laggy..


Updated on 2021-07-29

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


After reviewing this idea again, we will be closing it.  The reason for this is that quite some time has passed since its submission and a lot has changed since then. For one thing, we now offer an Xbox app.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


I've now cancelled my subscription. F*** you Spotify.

If Spotify is dropping support for Windows Phone, why is it still listed in the Windows app store as available for Windows Phone?

Also see the following question on Quora: if I have an app installed...

They're explicitly mentionning the Windows Phone 8.x app... And I do get why they would do that. The app is most probably done in Silverlight and is a pain to maintain.


That being said, if they don't update their app to be UWP, and don't use the Windows 10 features (desktop, not just mobile) on their win32 app, like media casting, proper notifications, cortana, etc... then they'll definitely lose me as a customer.

Can someone who is bilingual please go to and translate the post from BigPapst into English? It's a post from a Spotify customer service representative and it supposedly provides some additional information. BTW, this is the page where the original message that started all of this was posted.

Goodbye for now Spotify, just cancelled my premium subscription.

Here is the translation of that post, via Google Translate:
"Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate that you took the time and that you have told us your opinion.
"The Spotify users is this problem with Windows 10 has long been known and have an idea about it was already posted in our ' Spotify Ideas ' Forum ." We invite you to support the idea with your voice - click here. Our developers will then deal with these content and design changes and implement . They will strive with confidence to meet the requirements to allow Windows 10 and Spotify are mutually compatible . We can understand your disappointment , because we ourselves are Spotify users . We are always looking for new ways to improve Spotify . We can not say whether or when a particular announcement will be published at the time. Once we announce something new , you can find relevant information in the Spotify community . Thank you for sending the Islandwood project and the Westminster project . We will forward the links to our technical department to see what they say.
"Please send us other ideas that have generated your interest . Questions or suggestions about our products , we will glad to help . We are always open to suggestions and tips that will help us to improve our service for you .

Kind regards


Spotify Customer Support"

Our family and my brothers families are all Spotify Premium users, has been many years already. Now all our computers, laptops, 2in1's and phones are with Windows10. All our companys computers are also W10 and our company also switched all mobile phones (over 500 pcs) to W10 just in last week and will stay that way (as W10 is the future).


And now you say that you are not going to support W10? Well, I understand that loosing our subscriptions will not hurt you as a company in any way but I do wonder if you'll feel the same, when quite soon there is over 1 000 000 000 another W10 users in the world.

Honestly, the old app sort of works. But we need a new versin... The cool thing is they only have to write one single app... And it will work on every windows 10 device... C'mon Spotify. My premium account depends on it...

Yes, old app works with W10 mobile in case you have used it with your W8.1 phone. But if you buy/get new W10 mobile phone and you have not used Spotify in W8.1, you cannot use Spotify because you cannot download it from Windows store. So this is very bad move conserning new customers in W10 mobile platform.


But yes Spotify, make it universal and to use Continuum. Then we would not even need desktop version anymore 😉