[Xbox One][Social] Add Last.fm scrobbling support for Xbox One app

The new Xbox app is slick as **bleep**, but it was disappointing to discover that it doesn't support scrobbling to last.fm. Guess I'll continue listening to podcasts on my mobile while I game instead.

Updated on 2018-08-08


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Music Fan

This. I was excited to finally get the Spotify app on Xbox One – and I agree it looks great – but I will also be holding off using it until I can also scrobble my plays.


Was looking forward to the xbox app on Spotify but such a disappointment it can't scrobble to last.fm

Casual Listener

Thanks for supporting the suggestion guys.


I will become a premium user when the app support scrobbling to last.fm


Couldn't agree more. Thanks for starting this topic.


Yes, this feature is a must. I'll keep using Spoticast on Xbox until we get scrobbling.


This this this! It needs last.fm support like yesterday!


Same here, I was exited about Xbox One app but them a bit disapointed to not have possibility to sync with my last.fm. Please add it.

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This would be great just started playing around with all the features since it was added to the XBONE. Sorry it's missing from the App, buy maybe at the very least when you have the Windows App open it should still push the Scrobble data to last.fm. It displays the song playing and even shows it in the history seems odd that it only pushes the data when it's being played from the Windows App.