[Your Library] Bring Spotify's old UI back

So Spotify for whatever reason decided to make the app as inconvenient as possible. The previous set up before this new update was so easy to navigate, find the artist, songs, radio stations, and podcasts whenever I hit the library icon. Now I have to search for and add all these artists basically all over again and frankly I'm pretty mad about it to the point where I want to cancel my subscription. Whats even more frustrating is trying to contact Spotify themselves so I can complain in hopes of actually getting something done about this is like a game and seemingly impossible to get a direct hold of. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Can someone please help fix this? I just want the old spotify back.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,

Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea. We seem to be getting a lot of different ideas in this thread so we'll try to address a few of them here, but as a heads up we have an extensive blog about the changes to Your Library here.

We wanted to highlight that your Recently Played section can now be found on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.


The update has also brought changes to your Liked songs. Previously this was a section in Your Library, but now they'll appear as a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. When you Like or Save an album, we add it to Your Library but we don’t automatically add all songs to your Liked songs. You can Like songs individually to add them to the playlist, or click the ‘Like All Songs’ option in the 3-dot menu to save them all at once.

Whilst not part of this update, we've seen a few mentions about where Radio has moved too. You can find it by going to any artist, album, playlist, or song, clicking the three dots and selecting 'Go to Radio'.

If you have any specific questions about how the new update works, feel free to post in our help boards here.



Yep this update **bleep**ing sucks... I can't scroll through my music by artists offline. The artist section now takes you to the artist page and not to the music you have saved to your library from them...  In addition the artist section now only shows the ones I've followed not the ones ive saved music from.I have navigate by song. I've never been so mad about an app.

Casual Listener

EXACTLY! It makes absolutely no sense why spotify feels the need to change the whole set up like this. Its only going to make them lose business (including yours and mine) until they change it back to the way it was. And I'm right there with you. I'm so mad about this that it's completely ruining my day. I almost chucked my phone across the room.


Are you talking about THIS kind of atrocity??


Click twice to get to that replay button, really???

Having that „play on other device“ thing even more annoyingly placed than before so that I always click on it by accident??

It also always resets this dumd replay button whenever I restart spotify and want to listen to the same playlist again.

Also the artist search is uuggghhhhh. 

Then there is that Marina and the Diamonds thing that is like just Marina now and I don‘t get it.

Don‘t even get me started on that Heart button. I have previously put ALL of the songs in this playlist in my library but now I need to add all of them via heart again?


Total mess. The UI Is cleaner, but so much worse now.

I am really bothered by it.

Instead of finally adding replay and shuffle button to the lock screen they make it even harder to access.



 zZz indeed, but more like in angry snort.zZz indeed, but more like in angry snort.



I've just come back to Spotify from Apple Music - I had it years ago and I felt like it would work better for me now.

It might just be me, but I find this almost unusable? 


So I can't see an obvious way to just look at all the songs for an artist. If I go to an album and save a specific song (rarely do I like all the songs on an entire album), I can't actually see those songs unless I make a playlist and add all my songs to that playlist? Also, in the albums view, I then can't see ANY albums that I have only saved certain songs from?


Also, when I click on an artist in the artist view, it takes me to their generic spotify page and it doesn't show me the songs that I have chosen to download? What's the deal here? Why isn't there a 'Your songs' tab either? 

Maybe I'm just missing some really obvious stuff, but this is not how I remember spotify being and to be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to keep using it if this is how it functions.


It seems what they want is for me to just make one massive playlist to have individual songs, and if I want to have those songs displayed nicely in my 'Library', I would have to download every album in it's entirity? Even then, I could only navigate by album, and the list of artists is just a link to those artists spotify pages, not a link through to show the music I've saved from that artist? That's just weird and awful UX. 


If I'm just misunderstanding some really basic stuff, then I'm happy to be enlightened on the matter.


i don't like the update at all!!! Where are the artist playlists located now?!!


Where is everything gone in the update! 

Genres gone completely I used to search  genres then choose a Playlist nope Al gone chnage it back or I'm gone as well 

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  1. Been searching for a couple days about this same problem, and finally found someone who had as big of a problem with this new update as I have. My biggest issue with the new update is how the artist tab works. Instead of going to artist and playing all the songs that you have saved from that artist, as it should be, and was my main method of listening to music for 3 years since I've had Spotify, it takes you to the artist page. Whereas, I have alot of artists that I like I do not like every song by that artist. So, if I want to find all my saved songs by a specific artist I have to go through a playlist that consists of 1,678 songs (not an exaggeration) that is in order from most recently saved to oldest saved. Which is very inconvenient and definitely makes switching to a different music app highly probable. That being said, I hope this reaches someone that works high enough up in the company to do something about it, and I hope other people with the same problem see this and complain and share everywhere possible so that the people that work for Spotify do see it.

This update is complete and utter garbage, designed to promote artists and forcing users to go through their profiles.


Sure, this will generate lots of followers for the artists, but at what cost? The app is barely usable now. Having all of your saved songs crammed into a single playlist is silly enough, but taking away every saved artist like this is plain stupid.


Roll back the update or watch the premium users shrug and walk away, Spotify.


I don't get it. On my screen everything is still there. Is it because I am in denmark, because everything look fine? 

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I also have a big problem with the new Player-UI. (Artists-Tab is still the old one for me) I have to admit that I like the clean appearance, but the Add to library button seems so unnecessary. When I listen to a song, I usually have already saved it, at least in a playlist. But the queue is now more clicks away *facepalm*. I change my queue more often than I want to save a single song to my library with just one click. The user experience suffers a lot under the new update. Go back, improve, or let the user choose.

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