[Your Library] Bring Spotify's old UI back

So Spotify for whatever reason decided to make the app as inconvenient as possible. The previous set up before this new update was so easy to navigate, find the artist, songs, radio stations, and podcasts whenever I hit the library icon. Now I have to search for and add all these artists basically all over again and frankly I'm pretty mad about it to the point where I want to cancel my subscription. Whats even more frustrating is trying to contact Spotify themselves so I can complain in hopes of actually getting something done about this is like a game and seemingly impossible to get a direct hold of. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Can someone please help fix this? I just want the old spotify back.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,

Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea. We seem to be getting a lot of different ideas in this thread so we'll try to address a few of them here, but as a heads up we have an extensive blog about the changes to Your Library here.

We wanted to highlight that your Recently Played section can now be found on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.


The update has also brought changes to your Liked songs. Previously this was a section in Your Library, but now they'll appear as a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. When you Like or Save an album, we add it to Your Library but we don’t automatically add all songs to your Liked songs. You can Like songs individually to add them to the playlist, or click the ‘Like All Songs’ option in the 3-dot menu to save them all at once.

Whilst not part of this update, we've seen a few mentions about where Radio has moved too. You can find it by going to any artist, album, playlist, or song, clicking the three dots and selecting 'Go to Radio'.

If you have any specific questions about how the new update works, feel free to post in our help boards here.


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Casual Listener

Ok, I've tried using the app via the desktop and on iOS and just hate it.  I will be migrating everything over to Apple and cancelling my premium subscription.

Casual Listener

I’ve had enough. Reading the response from Spotify suggests they really are only interested in data points for marketing purposes, not music. Clearly I’m not the right demographic for this service.  All good things come to an end.  I’ve just cancelled my subscription and I’m off to Apple Music. I know it’s not perfect but for now at least it has most of the features I want. I’m disappointed that Spotify has taken an excellent product and stuffed it up.

Casual Listener

In their 2019,  20-F filing, Spotify put at the top of their list of factors that would affect their financial guidance:

-> our ability to attract prospective users and to retain existing users

At this point, I am beginning to believe that the order of factors on that list are not prioritized in any sort of way.


Not sure which of the other 23 factors are driving this moronic UI change.  For those interested in taking a guess,

the full list can be found here:






Music Fan

Spot on!!!!

Music Fan

100% agree with every word you say!! Seems Spotify now wants to be a Media
company like NetFlix. Spotify boss Daniel wants comments from us about his business, maybe he will read this - or one of us should contact him directly? In an interview mentioning general critiscm of Spotify, this is what he said-


"I certainly hope to be available and transparent. That’s certainly what we want to be as a company.

And I would encourage both of you or everyone else, to reach out to me on social platforms and I’m happy to respond to questions there as well."

If you are reading Daniel, this is me reaching out, please respond, as promised-


"The masses believe the original UI was refined and perfected - and perfected again, over
many many years. It has now been completely thrown out. Why?

Your new team of 'Creatives' have seemingly been allowed the freedom to do what they want, and have ruined the user experience for Premium Music paying customers like us.

Surely you can see this yourself, or have you be temporarily blinded by your future ambitions maybe?

We welcome change, but this a change for the worse!" 






Casual Listener

As Edward R. Murrow would say,  Goodnight and good luck.


Screenshot from 2019-04-13 16-51-19.png


I agree with everything you have said I am as frustrated as you are to the point I am also wanting to cancel my subscription. Please fix this new crappy version. What were the developers thinking? Clearly not to make our lives easier. 

Casual Listener

Cancelled today and left this feedback:


“The UI redesign is terrible. I used the album view to view everything. Then all my songs were moved to a song playlist. Not only that, on the desktop, I was used to clicking the play button that appeared on top of the album. When clicked, nothing. Click into the album and click ply on the first song, nothing. I had to click again to get it to register. That is a lot of extra work to just listen to an album. On the iOS app, I used to go into an album and click the first song, and I could play the whole album with one click. Again, I have to click twice, which is an extra step. There is a huge “shuffle play” button, but I don’t want to shuffle the album. I want to play it from start to finish. I finally got fed up enough and said “screw it”. I’m paying for a premium experience and getting irritation. App updates should make the app (whether desktop or iOS) easier to use, not harder. So I moved my library to Apple Music.”  


They left a parting playlist 🙄. Yeah, no thx. 



Music Fan

Still no official word WHY they've done this.
Music Fan

Its comical at this point. Almost 3 months, over 1000 likes for the idea, and not a single word from Spotify. During this time I canceled my Spotify, tested Tidal, and fell inlove with the lossless audio.