[Your Library] Bring Spotify's old UI back

So Spotify for whatever reason decided to make the app as inconvenient as possible. The previous set up before this new update was so easy to navigate, find the artist, songs, radio stations, and podcasts whenever I hit the library icon. Now I have to search for and add all these artists basically all over again and frankly I'm pretty mad about it to the point where I want to cancel my subscription. Whats even more frustrating is trying to contact Spotify themselves so I can complain in hopes of actually getting something done about this is like a game and seemingly impossible to get a direct hold of. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Can someone please help fix this? I just want the old spotify back.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,

Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea. We seem to be getting a lot of different ideas in this thread so we'll try to address a few of them here, but as a heads up we have an extensive blog about the changes to Your Library here.

We wanted to highlight that your Recently Played section can now be found on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.


The update has also brought changes to your Liked songs. Previously this was a section in Your Library, but now they'll appear as a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. When you Like or Save an album, we add it to Your Library but we don’t automatically add all songs to your Liked songs. You can Like songs individually to add them to the playlist, or click the ‘Like All Songs’ option in the 3-dot menu to save them all at once.

Whilst not part of this update, we've seen a few mentions about where Radio has moved too. You can find it by going to any artist, album, playlist, or song, clicking the three dots and selecting 'Go to Radio'.

If you have any specific questions about how the new update works, feel free to post in our help boards here.


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I agree completely with this. My father recently got a new phone and I got him spotify and added him to my family plan and his version is this new, horribly layed-out version of your library. The previous version, the one I still have on mine is so much easier to navigate and it so much less hassle. I have turned off the auto-update feature for spotify on my phone because I 100% would cancel my entire family plan and stop using spotify over this. At the very least, Spotify should add, in the next update, an option in your settings to change to the layout you prefer the most. After all, they are providing a service to us and should let us decide which layouts WE like better as WE are the people who pay for the service. This new version is just idiotic and a massive step behind the previous layout.

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Would be great to have the option to choose what option WE want!
The one you signed up to... or the one now forced on many of us, with no
explanation. Spotify could actually do this...if they chose to do this.

>From the comments on here it's obvious 99% of subscribers would choose the
well honed, (perfected using many many years of well thought out geeky
expert fine tuning) ORIGINAL user interface.

And NOT this un-useable, back to front, messed up NEW version where you can
no longer build an easy to navigate logical library of favourite artist
album tracks (the very thing that surely everyone wants their Music
Collection to be?)

Spotify, If you refuse to change it back, then yes please AT LEAST GIVE US
THE CHOICE to opt for the version we actually want to pay for. ***Please,
at least, REPLY to this request ***

Amazon will soon be launching a new simple to use Premier 'better than CD
quality' service it as just been been announced. Who in their right mind
will stick with this Spotify completely messed up UI when this new Amazon
service launches? ...Not one person on this Forum I predict!

If you choose not REPLY, or if this is not sorted soon, like many others,
I too am off elsewhere.

I just added my girlfriend to my family plan and noticed that her UI is different than mine.  After searching through the settings in an attempt to fix it, I realized that this UI is actually an unwanted app change by Spotify.  I just shut-off auto update on my phone in hopes that my app doesn't end up garbage like hers.  In the event that it does I will most definitely cancel my Spotify subscription and use an alternate service.

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Not sure turning off auto-update will do any good.
This UI change is account specific.
On my phone, (before I cancelled my subscription) I was being forced to use
the crappy UI.
If I signed out and - still on the same phone - signed into my wife’s
account, it would come up as the old UI.
When I signed back into my account, it switched over to the worthless piece
of junk again.

Am now using Amazon Music. Their UI works like the Stupify’s old one.
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Thanks for posting this. Have been wondering if we could all get around
this by going back back to an earlier version somehow. Seems not. Everyone
eventually will be moved over to this useless UI. It's like a malware virus!

Great to hear Amazon is working for you and it is like the way Spotify used
to be. Will be joining you soon!

The fact that the "radio section" simply pulls a playlist vs the old radio algorithm, with the ability to dislike a song... 

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Totally agree. I've been trying to make the raspotify script work reliably enough to avoid the rediculous price tag for Sonos and/or smart speaker. The script is just fine, it's the API that makes it dificult.


Honestly  it was such a **bleep**ing dumb idea that they did .. If I wanted to "add an artist" I'd just **bleep**ing look up their name lol. I find it MUCH more useful to be able to search through songs that you have downloaded from an artist, rather than pick through everything they post on spotify 🙄


The new UI is absolutely garbage and I never thought I would actually consider giving apple more of my money but.. here we are. I’d give just about anything to have the old Spotify back so it’s actually a usable app.


I'm ready to leave Spotify now; it's clear that we won't be getting the old for format back. I have been checking out Deezer and Tidal, both get the job done but just the same as the new Spotify interface. What I really miss is my library, with saved songs being sorted by album or artist.  Both Deezer and Tidal allow for me to sort my song by artist or title, but it still remains one list with no way to see all saved songs from just one artist or album. Does anybody know of a service that offers this??  I'm going to be even more bummed if Spotify was the only one offering this and they stopped it. It is the only defining factor I can find that sets them apart from these other services.