[Your Library] Bring Spotify's old UI back

So Spotify for whatever reason decided to make the app as inconvenient as possible. The previous set up before this new update was so easy to navigate, find the artist, songs, radio stations, and podcasts whenever I hit the library icon. Now I have to search for and add all these artists basically all over again and frankly I'm pretty mad about it to the point where I want to cancel my subscription. Whats even more frustrating is trying to contact Spotify themselves so I can complain in hopes of actually getting something done about this is like a game and seemingly impossible to get a direct hold of. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Can someone please help fix this? I just want the old spotify back.

Updated on 2019-06-26

Hey Folks,

Thanks for adding your feedback and votes to this idea. We seem to be getting a lot of different ideas in this thread so we'll try to address a few of them here, but as a heads up we have an extensive blog about the changes to Your Library here.

We wanted to highlight that your Recently Played section can now be found on the home screen. Additionally, it's also possible to sort your Albums, Artists and Playlist by Recently Added. To do so, pull down to reveal the search bar, click the 'filters' options and then select 'Recently Played'. You'll also spot some other filter options, like 'Name' so you can sort your playlists alphabetically.


The update has also brought changes to your Liked songs. Previously this was a section in Your Library, but now they'll appear as a playlist called Liked Songs at the top of the Playlists section for fast access. When you Like or Save an album, we add it to Your Library but we don’t automatically add all songs to your Liked songs. You can Like songs individually to add them to the playlist, or click the ‘Like All Songs’ option in the 3-dot menu to save them all at once.

Whilst not part of this update, we've seen a few mentions about where Radio has moved too. You can find it by going to any artist, album, playlist, or song, clicking the three dots and selecting 'Go to Radio'.

If you have any specific questions about how the new update works, feel free to post in our help boards here.



**bleep** yes. This new update sucks. I spoke to Spotify on their instant chat and he just told me to provide feedback in the forums. 

1) why so I now have to click menu then search so I can search rather than a simple swipe like previous 

2) how come the only artists displayed in my artist page is my faves. How about display them all and put my faves first 

3) why when I click artista does it take me to the generic artist page. That's useless, I wanna see my saved songs 

4) when I search for a song or artist and I play a song, I expect it to play the next song that was in the search parameters. Not some random song that Spotify thinks I might like. Play what I actually like. This feature that has been there for years has been removed and is the absolute most infuriating thing ever. I'm currently looking for the old APK because I use this search function so much. 


This is a terrible update removing key features. Adding literally no new features that have much use


Adding my hatred to this update. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL PLAYLIST EDIT!!

The new edit screen is terrible!! Also if I search for a song within a playlist and play, it will only play the songs that appears in the search and repeat them and not continue with the playlist??


Bring back the REPEAT button.. please. 


Holy s****, I have never been so mad about any update to any app ever. I legit just slammed my table out of frustration. Who thought of these changes??? The old UI was freakin perfect and now they decided to remove almost every single feature I loved. When I updated today I couldn't add Songs to the queue anymore (without playing them to acces the "..." menu whitch is kind of useless and goes agains the point of the queue), the swiping mechanics seem to be removed completely. Removing songs accidentaly has also become an issue due to the heart being on screen all the time rather than being hidden behind a swipe like before. Hidding the queue behind two klicks but having share one klick away has been adressed multiple times but thats just something i can't stress enough, it SUCKS. Also the new way my library is organized... I can no longer just go into artists and play the songs by them I like, or just the downloaded songs of an album but instead it just links you to the artists page. I now also need more clicks to acces my library of saved songs. And there is so much more but I am mad enough right now. I am seriously considering moving away from the service I used and loved for the last 2/3 years (this includes having to manually add over 1000 Songs to a new library again) because they seem to just be degrading with every f******g update. PLEASE add a function to return to the old version or I will feel forced to look for a new music provider. This is just so dumb.


Agree, new update is far less usable, also, why did Spotify get rid off the alphabet for quick scrolling on artists/song/playlist/album pages?!


I agree please change the way we listen to our favorite artists saved songs back. Its a pain to have to go to saved music and filter by artist. It was way easier just to go to (My library/Artist) and listen to what we saved by that artist. 

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I agree with you that the new menu layouts are terrible  they need to roll back to the way they were.


I got the update yesterday and im pretty pist too. Feels like you lost all your music you saved over the years...
Really hope they change it back asap


Bring old UI back! New update sucks!