Your Music: Add a filter to artist/album tab (Desktop)

For the desktop app, please add keyword filtering to the Your Music views, Artists, Albums and Songs. Large collections are difficult to navigate without a filter option.


This feature already exists in the Android mobile app (and possibly other mobile versions) and works well.




Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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> You can bring up a basic filter in the desktop version by going to your songs tab and press ctrl/cmd + F.


Thanks I didn't know this.


In light of this, I would revise my suggestion to simply adding the same functionality to the Artists and Albums page.


This is not a dupliacte of the post you linked - my suggestion is simply to extend the Songs filter functionality to the Artists and Albums views.

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@nickl Alright! Fair enough, then I'll mark it as new idea and edit the title a bit to make it clearer and easier to find via search. ;)

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adding to Nickl's idea, in the artist view please make it able to jump to an artist just by pressing the letter key of the artist's initial, just like you would in a finder window, without having to use ctrl/cmd + F.


Now that would change my world

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I also would love this function. A good addition would also be to be able to filter out the music you've added to your collection for a specific artist directly on the artist page, instead of going through "Your music" and "Artists". Perhaps with a button next to "Follow" that says "Show favourite songs" on something like that.

Im using the beta desktop 1.0 and still doesnt appear this function. Why there is a filter in android and los and not in desktop. I dont understand the developers

This not being available on desktop but is available on mobile continues to amaze me.


How such basic functionality that any developer should have thought in the first seconds when they where tasked with implementing a library is not being added with the initial release is very very sad.


As with today's update this functionality that was available in the "Songs" section is not longer available. Rather than improving on this they simply removed the only filtering functionality available in the desktop application. WHY WHY WHYYY.


Now the users on desktop cannot filter/search through any of their playlists or any of the section of the "Your Music". At the same time this BASIC functionality is available on mobile for AGES. Forget Spotify I am removing my subscription and going to Google or Deezer

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This was posted over a year ago and still no update? Yea, Spotify gives zero fxcks about it's customers. Just keep the $10/mo/user flowing in and it's all good with them. Just may have to cancel and go back to Google Music. This and not being able to update your avatar without connecting a Facebook account is just bonkers. These are remedial requests, nothing rocket science here. Hello Spotify, are you listening? Smh.
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Still trying to understand, how I am supposed to use Your Music \ Songs list without ANY kind of filter, search or locate-as-you-type control here. 


If I want to locate a song here (most common use case, I suppose), I sort a list pressing appropriate column title and then scroll scroll scroll? No, I better go to Search and find the song here. This makes Songs list useless.