[Your Music] Album View under Artists

When navigating the "artists" menu under "Your Music," please group the albums together when there is more than one so we can quickly find and play a specific album, rather than just placing all the songs by that aritsts in a list.

Update 2020-02-13: This idea has been reposted here.


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Your idea was submitted a while ago and unfortunately didn't receive the amount of kudos needed to stay active in the ideas board (100 Kudos per year). 

In order to keep the Ideas Exchange clearer I'll close this idea for now, but this doesn't mean Spotify rejected this idea.

If you think this is an idea which needs to be implemented, you're welcome to post it in a slightly different form 🙂


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Updated on 2018-06-26

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Definitely! As a new Spotify subscriber I have to say this is the only (but a BIG) annoyance compared to Apple Music (which comparatively easily allowed navigation by clicking an artist and then scrolling to one of their albums as opposed to getting a huge list of songs). 


I can’t believe this is not a basic feature like in Google Play, Deezer, & Apple Music. I just moved over from Apple Music 3 hours ago and I am regretting it already.  


This is not an optional feature. Only Spotify is light years behind Apple Music and Deezer without this SO MUCH REQUESTED feature.


Why is this even marked as a new idea or something that isn't a basic function for all iOS devices? I've been using a Galaxy S6 for the last 9 months, a Galaxy S4 for 5 months before that & I was using Spotify on all of those & they ALL had the basic functionality that when you go into (for example for me on those devices anyway) -Your Library, -Artists,  every artist under -All Artists with a name under A would appear under A, then B and so on, unlike the iOS vesion where for some idiotic reason the alphabet runs down the right hand side in a straight line as if it's supposed to provide any form of purposeful functionality & every artist just runs in one collective group, it's garbage so I don't even bother using it to navigate my library.


Once I clicked on any band under -Artist like Slayer for example on any of my 2 Galaxy devices everything would appear alphabetically by album under that Artist (by year would be nice but hey....). It still does right now as I type this with the latest version of Spotify for Android on the latest version of Android for my Galaxy S6. However I go to -Artists on my iPhone 6+ that I've finally had replaced under insurance, running on iOS 12.0.1 & the latest version of Spotify & everything under -Artist is just an absolute fustercluck of a mess let alone the mess under each specific Artist with each subsequent album I add to my album list, just one massive song list.


I've saved every Slayer album available on Spotify & unlike the Android version of Spotify which has had this basic functionality that iOS users have been begging for for years, yet have been consistently ignored, everything appears as one giant song list instead of being broken up by album, breaking up by album is something that seems logical to logical people so why is this something that the Sixers at Spotify don't seem to comprehend? iOS users are beneath contempt & don't deserve the same app that everyone else gets, is this it Spotify?


This treatment of your customers is an absolute disgrace. Android users have had for years what iOS users are being forced to beg for through having to try & get enough "votes" through to simply experience the same app that Android users can get & use right now. What is your problem Spotify? Why are you determined to provide substandard service to iOS customers, especially to your premium customers who're paying the same amount as Android premium customers to get less basic functionality than current Android users?


You people are a disgrace. You've shoved us all from "new idea" to "new idea" to "new idea" & forced us to dance like monkeys at an organ grinder in the hope that we might get to enjoy the same basic premium service that Android users have enjoyed for a while now. You know what you need to do Spotify, it's time that you all developed a bit of basic respect for your customers & see that it's done, yesterday. We want the same basic functionality of the Android app, if you can improve on it then do so but we at least expect to be able to access albums through our Artist lists like Android users can already do. Get it done & stop putting the responsibility onto us to get enough "votes" to ensure we enjoy the same basic functionality.


P.S - I tried to include screenshots proving that Spotify already gives at least Galaxy users the functionality we demand as a matter of course yet are still denied for no logical reason but for some reason Spotify wouldn't allow me to upload screenshots of their own app.



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Updated on 2018-06-26

Marked as new idea.


Not a "new idea" @Marco, especially considering that Android users have had this basic functionality for at least over 12 months. Put on your big boy pants & start looking after your iOS customers, regardless of what Spotify thinks we aren't second class citizens who should have to beg to get the same app functionality that Android users already enjoy.


@GregFarmer wrote:

I can’t believe this is not a basic feature like in Google Play, Deezer, & Apple Music. I just moved over from Apple Music 3 hours ago and I am regretting it already.  


It's a basic feature on Spotify for Android, at least for Scamsung anyway. The app on my S4 & S6 for the last year split the giant songlist that appears under -Library, -Artist, -(enter artist here) into albums by alphabetical order unlike the giant songlist we iOS users get shafted with.


I gived up from Spotify. Now I'm another Deezer happy customer.

Better support, better app, same price.

My wife still using Spotify for a while, but soon I'll convert her to the "dark side". Or the "bright side". Whatever.

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Funny that this idea, which has been here since the dark ages (which we are stuck in apparently), and definitely has enough votes, is closed down every now and then to force a new topic so the voting has to start all over again. This is definitely not a new idea. I won't blame Marco, because I assume that is a robot, but anyway... Like many have said before me, it's quite a basic and logical function. Actually the only way to sort music.

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Yes! Switching to Apple music because I can't stand this. Why even have a personal library if I have to go to the artists generic page each time I am looking for a specific album?