Your Music: Artist tab - separate by albums (Desktop)

I like the idea behind "your music" but for me it's useless/no better than the previous system.

It would be great if under the artist tab the tracks where separated Into albums with coverart allowing me to browse my collection properly.

At the moment I'm greeted with a long useless list of tracks.

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Totally agree with this. I've been waiting for this functionality for ages, and actually left Spotify for Rdio because of the lack of collection management. 


When I heard about Your Music I was very excited because Spotify has a much larger selection of music and the quality is better, but I can't believe how they implemented the Artist/Album separation. It's unlike any other music app and flies in the face of any common sense. 


As you say, the artist list is just a long useless list of tracks. Might be fine if people only add a few albums to Your Music, but I listen to a lot of music - mainly by album, and at the moment I find it really hard to find the album I want when I sync a load of albums to my phone for offline use. The album list is equally useless because on the iPhone, it isn't sorted by artist and gets big very quickly.

Please add an album sub menu to the artist tab - and I'll leave Rdio for good, but until then Rdio it is.


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This idea requests that when you click on an artist in Your Music, you should not just see an endless list of the saved songs. It should be organised by albums into blocks, to get a better overview.

Your music should be great, just a little tweak is needed. Totally agree about album list aswell on ios it isn't sorted correctly.
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Yes!!!! the artist tab needs this so badly at the moment its next to useless.

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Agreed, and also a quick A-Z quick bar is needed too. It's insufferable there is no A-Z quick bar.


btw - on the android app i'm sure i noticed that it has a little picture of the album under the artists. so it looks like this:












and so on... 


I will double check this tonight and try and upload a screenshot or pic. I could be imagining things 🙂 

I've checked the android app and it does have some cover art as described above. This is definitely a step in right direction. Would be better if album cover were big and you could press it to uncover the track listing.
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I totally agree with it. On my Mac, when I access a saved artist's interface what I see is an infinite list of tracks, because I add all albums from the artists I like.

I would love to see this implemented, it's the only thing I miss from Rdio.

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yeah guys, I waited so long for implementation of artist -> album -> songs for Android, but seeing it implemented the way it is now, it seems it was way too early to change back to spotify.


How hard can it be??????


It's nothing fancy we are wanting, it's a just good way to sort music that has been around for decades ...