[Your Music] Bring back the old "Library"

First off I hate when you are paying for a product and an "upgrade" removes functionality. I use the library function all the time and I'm not happy it's gone. Yes I've read all the work arounds but why should I? If My Songs is supposed to be the replacement why did you start it out empty? I dumped Rhapsody 2012 and came here when they started screwing with a product I liked and I guess it's time to move again.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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This idea requests to bring back the library function where you can view all your songs, including local files. It has been replaced by Your Music.


Instead of adding artist to my music, I would rather it be like iTunes and be drawn from your songs. When I click Artist I dont want to see all of the songs by the artist just the ones I have added to my library.


Library was the most used feature to me and I'm really frustrated (aka f***** pissed off) that this feature was removed. The way they did this update was generally so hostile to customers that I'm considering stopping my premium after current period ends.


Or maybe I should take a jog and calm down a bit. Anyway, doing updates like this is kind of **bleep** move.

Where is my 'library' :-o? On the new Spotify update I can't find it! When I click on 'Songs' (or 'Albums' or 'Artists') to the left , below 'Your music' it's just black, saying 'This is where you'll find all your saved songs'. But where are all my saved songs then?? I can see all my playlists though, but I didn't have all songs from the library in them. I'm really sad and disappointed. Can I have the old Spotify back? :'(

Bring it back ...:(
Without the 'Library', Spotify is no longer the same wonderful software.


Huge mistake to throw it out...


This is a major gripe for me, because I used to love playing all my music from all my playlists and synched music on a shuffle basis. What is the "workaround" referred to here please?


Do I have to go through thoussands of tracks to add them to "My music"?



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no!!!! why do you want to hurt us!! I was a number one fun of my library where I could freely go though all my music.. and I was disapointed that the mobile version didt have it.. and thought.. well.. they will fix that in some point... but now instead of this you have deleted also from the desktop app! what a BUG!!!

Thumbs down for Spoty...

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If having more people complaining will get this corrected faster I would also like to say that this "update" has downgraded your service. I pretty much LIVED in the "Library". I have over 40 playlists sorted by decade and genre because I listen to everything from Bach to Metallica and the way you've redesigned this it seems like the only option is to create a new playlist ourselves, call it "Library", and have every song/album duplicated.


The removal of the "My Libary" option is unbelievable and inexcusable. That is the core feature of Spotify, it organizes all the music you saved and allows you to alphabetically access all of it; making it easy to browse, shuffle your entire library of both streamed and local files, etc. What always irked me about the Android app was that it didn't feature the My Library feature and now it's removed from the desktop?!


I can't begin to rationalize why this happened. As other have mentioned, if it was to be replaced by "My Music," why not automatically export people's librarys to that feature?

I'm extremely frustrated. Please add it back. All of the other updates are irrelevant in light of this mind-boggling omission. Very bad practice and could drive away a large portion of customers. 


Bring back my library feature now or I will search elsewhere for convenience!