[Your Music] Folder Organization

Currently, folder creation is limited to playlists. This makes the "Save to Your Music" functionality within Spotify unusable -- a major drag when the only alternative is to save albums as playlists, creating album v. playlist ambiguity within the navbar (see attached image.)


Proposed solution -- as a Spotify user, I should be able to:

  • create folders within the “Albums” tab of "Your Music."
  • nest "Albums" folders within one another. 
  • drag-and-drop "Saved" album objects into the folders within "Albums" section of "Your Music."

I wrote about this scope in more detail here.

albumplaylist amiguity in spotify navbar.png

Update 2020-01-25: This idea has been reposted here.


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Excellent idea and one I've been wishing for since they instituted the "save" features. 


I would only add:


1. This feature should be uniform across each tab of "your library" (not just playlists, but albums, artists, songs, stations). 


2. All folders and sub-folders should display content in the same manner the parent/master tab displays content. (Any folder in Albums, etc. tabs should display with icons as in master list.) 


3. All tabs need to allow manual re-ordering and moving of content along with default filter options. For example, playlists should allow for reordering and ability to move any list in and out of any folder. In Albums view, the master list as well as all sub-folders should support manual reordering and reorganization. The same goes for each tab. 

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I´d just be happy if I had some folders where I could sort my artists in. 


Right now all artists are just mixed up, e.g. Hip Hop next to EDM next to Metal. makes no sense at all.


I´d like a simple folder system like on my computer. I create a folder into which I can drag and drop my artist. I name this folder e.g. "Metal". Now if I click on this folder, I´d like to get that option, that spotify will play all artists and albums within this folder on shuffle. 


A simple folder structure like in Windows would be nice. The folders could be arranged in lists or in small icons (for example represeting the album cover), and if I hover over them, I get some details in an extra window besides.


Right now, spotify is pretty time-robbing. I know this suggestions takes some UX corrections, but I think they are necessary, especially in Desktop-mode


here´s the text to my smiliar idea:


"Actually, what I´m asking for is pretty basic.

On my harddrive, I got my artists sorted by different genres, like HipHop, Metal, Rock, Electronic etc.

For me, this is a crucial function, as I listen to lots of different genres.
Therefore it´s pure horror if all my artitsts are in the same folder.
e.g. Eminem in the same folder like Metallica? makes no sense..

I don´t like to create playlists by adding single songs and albums.

I´d like to create artist-lists, or genre-folders, that include all albums of each artist I´ve got in that folder, with all available songs on shuffle-mode by folder-option. The spotify UX right now is just too weary to make me spend much time on it.

Just a few UX corrections (like a folder system) + a "drag and drop" function and this should be good to go. Please make this simple thing work! <3"

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I agree with this post.

I am surprised that so many unsophisticated functions are still not available on an otherwise so comprehensible streaming service.

There is not even a possibility to filter your artists - why are all the assorting options only available for playlists?


I really wish for an option to sort your artists in Folders.

It is impossible for someone like me with 200+ Artists to have an overview. 


Thank you!


The user placebo_ said it all. Spotify manages to create such sophisticated and unique features, and this idea, that seems like a no-brainer, dates back from 2014 with no progress at all. How hard can it be to create folders or even custom labels to artists and albums?

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Hey folks, I've had a chat with the Desktop team about this idea. While we are thinking of different ways to curate your saved music we don't have plans for folders at the moment. If this changes or if we have any news around Your Music organization then we'll let you all know here in the Community. Thanks!


I too would love a feature like this. It pains me to search for that recording of Bach's B Minor Mass between Animals As Leaders and David Bowie, a setup that no sane person would have chosen for their physical record collection.

So even if you're not currently considering folders at the moment - for whichever reason - I'd love to hear about the other approaches you are and will be taking. Thanks for your efforts!

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Chiming in here to say that I would also love this feature. I'm currently in the process of saving albums for specific circumstances like relaxing albums or energizing albums. The more I save, the more convoluted my library becomes and I'm starting to get worried about finding the fitting music quickly when I need it. I actually don't mind if Spotify thinks up a different way for doing this but right now, keeping a growing library organized is not possible.


This idea and just better management and organization of 'Your Music' in general is an area of Spotify that needs lots of work. The lack of any type of music organization is the biggest reason I consider leaving Spotify. And will ultimelty be the reason I do end up leaving. This should really be an area of focus for the team, and as many users have suggested some great ideas around how to imrpove it, should not be terribly difficult.

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