[Your Music] Folder Organization

Currently, folder creation is limited to playlists. This makes the "Save to Your Music" functionality within Spotify unusable -- a major drag when the only alternative is to save albums as playlists, creating album v. playlist ambiguity within the navbar (see attached image.)


Proposed solution -- as a Spotify user, I should be able to:

  • create folders within the “Albums” tab of "Your Music."
  • nest "Albums" folders within one another. 
  • drag-and-drop "Saved" album objects into the folders within "Albums" section of "Your Music."

I wrote about this scope in more detail here.

albumplaylist amiguity in spotify navbar.png

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Feature sounds too obvious (as anyone who used album in Spotify knows how unfriendly it is) for not being implemented.

Probably more business reason behind this being on hold than technical challenge.



I hope that something similar to this idea gets approved. I have just converted hundreds playlist I had created before the album concept was introduced, and now I have a huge list of albums that often seems to be unusable when looking for something. If not the folders idea, at least you should allow labelling/grouping albums. I have Jazz, Classical and Soundtracks, that should be kept in separate groups, otherwise it gets really hard to browse content. 


Completely agree that this is a desperately needed and very basic sorting function.  To say not enough users have asked for it is just nonsense and simply not good enough when it would so clearly be a massive improvement.  I am relatively new to spotify and having used iTunes in the past for sorting my music into playlists/folders, I have to say the Spotify software and functionality is light years behind which is a shame and frankly annoying for a premium pay service.  It's just the ability to add folders being asked for here.  How difficult can this be??  It's not as though we are asking for smart playlists, although it would certainly be nice and surely if iTunes has been able to do it for years then you should be looking to at least offer something similar?


absolutely necessary... why would i have all my albums in one giant folder? makes no sense... need to be divided up by mood or genre. this should be an option so that people who want to keep the giant folder thing can, and people have more than 3 albums or need to curate albums for certain things/ in certain ways don't have to.


I'm super keen to see this one too. I don't mind how it's done, I just want to be able to group my albums somehow. Seems a logical piece of functionality.


That's such a basic function. I can't believe it's not there already!


After just a week of premium membership, it's alteady a pain to use because of the lack of folders to sort my albums by genre.


The new folder feature is great, but I would really like to possibility to organize my favourite albums in the folder-view. Right now, when an album is dragged to a folder it is converted to a playlists. 

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I've been waiting years for this kind of album organization. It's ridiculous that Spotify has such a primitive system when it comes to whole albums. I'm sure it's acceptable for people who only care about singles and individual tracks and mixed-nuts playlists, but some of us would also like to curate our music at the album level.


Right now my saved albums section in Spotify is an unholy mess of mixed musical genres, personal favorites, new albums that I want to listen to when I have the time, older albums that I'd only listen to once in a blue moon, etc. Absurdly, the only way Spotify allows me to sift through that huge pit of albums is by sorting according to artist, title, or date added, which is kind of useless when there's hundreds of albums. There's a search field on the Albums page, but it makes me feel like I'm being trolled by the Spotify programmers because it only filters on album titles, not artist names.


I know I can manually create playlists for each album that I want to save, with a playlist naming format like "<artist> - <year> <album name>", then arrange them in appropriate folders, but that's a lot of work on my part for a premium service that I pay for. And I also lose crucial album info like disc #. And there are no playlist search options at the folder level.


The bottom line is, I will switch to whichever streaming music service implements a sophisticated saved-album categorization system. Or at least has an open API that allows a 3rd-party company to implement a superior album curation interface on top of the streaming service.


At the moment, it doesn't look like Spotify will be pushing in this direction anytime in the near future.


This is an absolutely essential feature for real music lovers.

Please provide this as soon as you possibly can.


It is not petty or unreasonable.


Having only one giant conglomerate section where all saved albums are stored is really unacceptable for users who save hundreds upon hundreds of albums.  The playlist generation is fickle and shallow.


We should be able to browse through records like we used to in CD booklets, organized per our liking / genre / year, etc.


Please make this happen.

Thank You.