Your Music: Get back the tabbed view mode (Mobile)

it was easier to navigate with the previous mode,you just had to scroll with one finger to change between artists, genres and playlists now you have to go back and choose from list, thats not comfortable at all

Updated: 2016-01-23


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I completely agree, this needs to be up voted!!!!!!!!

Please bring the tabbed view back!


Yes please! I've been thinking the same thing!!

Pinches culeros.
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Thank you Marco! We should have a fifth tab that is the "recently played" tab with the old swipe layout.
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I think this is a better implementation because you can now access all four categories with just one tap. I usually know in advance which category I want to open and I don't switch between categories very often.
The tabbed menu is way better. I find that with the new mode I have to move my finger up and down too much and that i have to do more clips to get where I want. The old tabbed view was more efficient at getting the job done. I would also like to see what I've been playing recently on a different tab as it in not something I want to see all the time. I makes the menus look mesy. If I just listened song I most likely want to move on to a different one. Just let me browse my music with ease! Please.! This feels like a rollback to an older less soffisticated version of the app and makes me want to switch to something else.
I usually stay on my albums tab and it would automatically go to the last tab I was on when I clicked on my music. Now its a two step process every time I click into my music to get to the music I want.
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The new Touch Preview feature conflicts with swiping between sections. That is why it has been changed.


The main view after clicking "Your Music" is now the Recently Played section.

Many people wanted Spotify to add a "Recently Played" section. So they did. It's a win win, I guess.


To get to where you want to go, you have to use the menu at the top.


It is now like that on all the mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone)


If you don't have the Touch Preview yet it's because it is only in the iPhone app right now. Android will get it soon.