Your Music: Grouping or Sorting by Tags

I really like that I can now save whole albums as favourites rather than just having to dump albums into playlists. However, what I would like is to have more power in the ability to sort or group albums. e.g. sort or group by genre or style. And ideally it would be a user defined genre. This could possibly be done using tags.


So, for example, you could tag an album as "Soundtrack" or "Rock" or "Country" etc and then use a filter to just see one (or more) of your chosen music styles. This sort of technique works well in Photoshop catalogues for allowing the user to tag and filter photos.



Updated: 2016-04-10

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.


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Marked as new idea and changed the title from "Grouping or sorting albums" to make it clearer & easier to find via search and to have an idea for the popular request of a tag system for the complete Your Music feature. ;)


The "Your Music" section was a first good step in the right direction, having the ability to organize more would take it to its full potential. I wish I could triple vote this one :)

Music Fan

Exactly what I need. This would make the "save" feature usable for me, because right now it is too general. I need user-defined categories where I can save my albums into.


Tagging song or group of songs is what I need, could be the easiest way to organize the music i like, even to create the playlist, I wonder Spotify could take notes about this subject.

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2 other things that should be included in Your Music:

* ability to select groups for playing offline (similar to Playlists)

* ability to publish groups to other users (again similar to Playlists).

Casual Listener

I love this idea. I listen to different style of music when working at my compoter and different when running - I'd love to group albums for running separately, but still see them as albums, not as playlist of individual songs. 

Casual Listener

This is the thing I need the most from spotify.  "Your music" section could it be much better than it is right now just by adding some new cool features. For example:


1.- In the artist view there must be a filter to see only the albums of a given group. Why I have to see all the songs of an artist If I happen to have all its discography saved?, and right now album view is not the option because there you can only see all albums saved from all artist...


2.- Organize my own music by genre as in browse section.


3.- search results has to add results from your own library.


Anyway, there must be more options for heavy users to handle this section


My wife and I have very different taste in music and it would be good to be able to be able to separate albums into her list or mine. 

In addition, one of the advantages of Spotify is the ease with which you can find new music so if someone mentions an artist I like to search and save a couple of albums. It would be nice to be able to keep these separate so that I don't quickly end up with pages and pages of albums to scroll through. 

Playlists are there but I like to listen to albums and being able to put them into folders or tagging them would make it easier to quickly find the album I want.

Music Fan

I like the Your Music features but it needs a bit more work before it is as user friendly as many music collection programmes. I would like to see 'genre' added as a category and perhaps 'groups' where i could create groups for my music and label them as i wanted. Sort of a pre-filter for playlists to stop the playlists section getting too complicated.


Also 10,000 tracks is too small! 


I know it'd take a fair amount of work, but I'd really like it if Spotify moved away from the traditional, playlist-focused  system of organising music (which, let's face it, is only slightly more modern than being album-focused, and still dates back to the days of physical mixtapes) and towards tags.


If implemented well, tags could replace traditional playlists and let us create new ones on the fly if paired with a smart search function. In an ideal world, I'd love to be able to easily find, say, all the songs in my library tagged as Disney, in French and released after a particular year, and to create an ad-hoc playlist of them.