[Your Music] Make 1 or multiple saved Songs available offline

There should be an easy way to make 1 or multiple selected songs from Your Music available offline.


Songs under "Your Music" should have an availible offline option. In the current state songs you "save" are not actually able to be downloaded unless you do it individually which creates an added hastle. The way to get songs to automatically download before was when you would simply "Star" them and make your starred playlist availible offline. It just seems silly to come out with this great way of sorting your music but requiring the music to be in a playlist to quickly download several songs.

Updated on 2018-03-12

 Hey folks, as this idea has had the status 'Not Right Now' for over 3 years, we're marking it as Case Closed. 


We don't have plans to implement a feature to sync one or more saved tracks in the song tab. However you can of course make all of your saved Songs available offline on your mobile if you'd like. You can also save individual Albums or Playlists offline which covers the ability to save certain songs that you want offline. 


Thanks for your continued feedback here!

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Marked as new idea and edited the title to make it easier to find via search.
This idea requests an easy way to mark one or more saved tracks in the song tab of Your Music as available offline.
You might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea that requests to make all saved songs available offline with 1 click here. 😉


Actually Marco, his idea is more along the lines of what I was looking for so this is actually a duplicate. Should I just remove it?

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Guys, how can i auto-download saved songs? Star functionality is gone as we know it. Before i used to star a song and would automaticaly be downloaded in my computer and phone immediately. Now i cannot do that without individually taking the hassle to download each song. It sucks.


Has anyone found an easy workaround for this?



I have an easy'ish workaround for this...


1. Create a playlist. You can call it "Your Music" and make it available offline.  


2. Everytime you save an album also drag the album to the "Your Music" playlist and it'll automatically download for offline use.


3. You can still browse your downloaded music via the Your Music section (by album, artist, song, etc) rather than through a messy playlist, but it'll be stored offline. The only downside is that if you want to remove it you have to remove the songs from the playlist as well but that's not too much of a hassle. 


Hopefully they'll fix this soon. I really like Rdio's way of being able to either save an album to your collection with the option to download it to your device or not (and this setting syncs with the rest of your devices vs the admin of having to individually choose what goes on what device).


Yeah, this is rough. I want all of "My Music" on my phone. Before I just hit the star, but now I have to add it to my music and then keep track of what is added and move it into a playlist.


How is this better?


+1 this, big time... One of the perks of Starring was that it could be set to automatically make it available offline.. Really frustrating that Save does not do this now, as markitect's solution is not a viable / user-friendly solution when the community was used to it being so much simpler.


ps. Love the redesign, though. Great work!


While I'm mostly cool with the new collections and the deprecation of starring, but holy smokes is this needed and already much missed. I loved being able to simply star a track and have it download to my mobile. Now I have to add to my songs and then add to a separate playlist... twice as much work. I live in a place with really shoddy cell coverage and offline mode is my savior. Please pretty please add the ability to make the Songs folder available offline!

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Spotify has really made life difficult with the newest changes to their Apps. The iPad App doesn't function like the iPhone App. IPad App still has Star functionality while the iPhone doesnt. There is no way to one step add songs to an offline playlist on the iPhpone anymore like there was with the Star functionality of the prior iPhone App. Yet the iPad still has Star functionality yet no easy addition of songs to Your Songs. 


I couldn't be more disappointed with the latest confusing and inconsistent Apps. 


Spotify UX team really dropped the ball here. I can't imagine transition from Starred to Your Music was designed intentially to deprecate functionality, but at best this is an extremely visable oversight on their part. 

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There are many reasons why the new Spotify is worse than the old, but this is by far the most aggrivating.

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