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Could you put a feature on "Your Yusic" - "Artists" where you can shuffle the songs from your artist list, including all songs from followed artists. This would be very handy if you just want to listen to random songs from any of your favourite artists.


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If you only want to shuffle through all artists' saved songs, you can just shuffle the 'Songs' tab. 😉

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Thanks for the reply: The only problem with that is you have to download all the albums. I was after a way of just randomly playing a song from your artists list and the function continually shuffles through the list without having to download every single album.

Please just implement this. Dont wait for the number of kudos to increase since not all users that want that feature will ever make the effort to come here to the forum. I am a premium user and im almost leaving spotify because the lack of this feature. Your competition has this.


Thanks and just do it for your beloved customers 🙂


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The follow thing at the minute is weird, it's the only way to make a list of artists you like, but you can't do anything with that list. Even if you could just shuffle play individual artists you follow it would be a good first step. At the minute I can either listen to completely random stuff via the 'radio stations' (seriously, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra radio only played one song from them and after about 15 minutes completely lost the plot and went into very different genres) or I have to search for an artist every time I want to listen to them, instead of just going to the follow list, browsing and then shuffle-playing from there.

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what really pisses me off is that admins pretend they don't understand what we are asking for. ok, there must me some reasons why creators don't want to implement this killer feature, but why don't they just admit so, why play fools and tell us it's already implemented by shuffling songs? am I crazy to add every single album of tens of my followed artists? this is ridiculous!

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Does anyone from Spotify even use their own software or are they all using Apple Music because it's better? Surely this idea has to be easy to implement with a few lines of code. They keep updating the app but with things that are unnoticeable.

The lack of this feature is a glaring oversight in an otherwise great service. I was showing the service to a friend and of course his first question was "Can I listen to a random shuffle of songs from artists I've followed?" No? Forget it then.


You can shuffle play just about everything except for the most important thing; music from the artists you like.


EDIT: I read around some more to get a better idea of the issue. I don't want to individually download songs and albums to the limited space on my phone. That's an unnecessary, time consuming, data storage waste. I have 205 followed artists. I want any song from any of them.


Under 'Your Music' my Songs tab is EMPTY. My Albums tab is EMPTY. My Artists tab is FULL.


This is what we want. Press 'Your Music". Press "Artists". Press "Shuffle all Artists".


We don't want to mess with Songs and Albums becuase we've already selected what we like. The Artists.


Actually I think I know what's going on here.


You can only efficiently shuffle the songs you've DOWNLOADED to your Songs or Albums sections. If you've downloaded them, Spotify doesn't have to stream that data. Adding a function to Shuffle all artists would DETER people from downloading the music. The more people download, the less Spotify has to stream.


Spotify doesn't want to impliment a Shuffle All Artists feature because that would mean more streaming, which means more expense for Spotify.





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if that is the case then it's a terrible reason seeing as this is a "streaming" service. It would be nice to hear from the company to see if this is true.

Streaming costs money. Every time.


Downloading is a one time deal.

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