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Could you put a feature on "Your Yusic" - "Artists" where you can shuffle the songs from your artist list, including all songs from followed artists. This would be very handy if you just want to listen to random songs from any of your favourite artists.


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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Im cancelling my subscription if this doesn't show up soon enough.

Casual Listener

 I have the same problem and it seems to be the only problem I have with spotify. When listening to music in my car or at home (before I found spotify) I just shuffled over all songs I have. Now, using spotify and my denon heos I'd like to do the same. But I don't want to put all songs from the artits I like to "my songs". I added my favorite artists and would really like to shuffle over all songs they made. Maybe I could later put some put by unliking some songs.


Thanks a lot


This was the reason I never bought a subscription.  I thought maybe I just wasn't familiar enough with the crappy PC user interface, but it turns out this feature is completely missing. 


This isn't a small complaint, this is a huge issue.  People love to listen to what is the equivalent of a random play radio station of only the artists they like.  Spotify's silence and misdirection on the issue speaks volumes.  This key feature goes against their business model.  They've made a huge mistake.


Yeah, keep boasting that you have a larger library than Pandora...too bad your listeners will never get to hear it, because of the way you insist they must access that music.  Pandora, even though it has a small library, has a VERY easy user interface and let's people listen to music the way they want to.


Please add this feature. I just went and added a bunch of artists thinking that I could shuffle while wanting to just listen to music without having to use my phone and change artists/albums. I noticed this thread looking for a solution and seems that a lot of others want this feature. Surely it can't be that big of a deal adding it, you can shuffle everything else.

Spotify is history to me. Google Music is my go to with a deep library. 

Does Google music offer this?


+1 for this feature. I will switch to Google music too as soon as my month is up.


Spotify, I think it's time for a response here.... you're about to lose another 3 premium members.


Crazy. I switched to Spotify because of many great things but this is a real issues for me. I pay a subscription and just want to listen to all my favourite artists. I can't download all the albums or songs... I don't have time to click through them all and decide. 


Why isn't this a feature? 


Bit issue for me. I will go back to the streaming app I used before if this isn't sorted. Really such a shame. What's the point of having all those artists when I cant even add them to a play list or just shuffle all. May as well go back to others. 


Plus one. New user here getting familiar with the app and this is the first feature I sought out. Can't believe they don't offer it. What's the point in following artists on this app if not for this badly needed feature. Add it soon or I'll also be finding another music streaming service and waving bye to Spotify. 

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