[Your Music] Shuffle multiple Playlists and Albums

I would like, to see the ability to shuffle multiple playlists (your own or followed) and albums (saved). The idea would be, to have a place, to access them both at the same time.

 I think a "Shuffle All" button under "Your Music" would be a great place to add this feature. When it's pressed, a column of the playlists and a column of your saved albums would show, with check boxes. After checking all that you want shuffled, you would press a shuffle button centered above the columns. There may be another way, of having a "Shuffle All" option, but I think, this is the best way, of accessing both playlists and albums at one time. I guess that the playlists and albums could be listed in on column, instead; one could be listed on top.

Also, once the playlists and/or albums have been selected and played, they should stay selected, for the next use of "Shuffle All". Changes can me made, at any time, by the checking and unchecking of a box. This feature would not affect the shuffling of individual playlists or albums, and the same with shuffling an individual playlist, or album; it should not affect the "Shuffle All" feature. I know this feature would broaden the use Spotify and excite a lot of users.


Also check out, this great idea: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/Playlists-Followers-To-See-and-Add-Same-Local-Files-Back...

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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Thanks, Marco. I think, this version, of the idea would work better, to access both playlists and albums. I'm glad other people like it, too.


Sincere question: Is it that hard to do? Making something that allows us to suffle between saved albuns? I really have no idea. But since apparently is something that is always pushed aside, I assume it is pretty hard. Anyway I do trully hope you consider that, otherwise the Your Music - Album section it's pretty much a desert area, where you only end up there by mistake. It would be so so usefull. 



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My idea (posted here) was marked as a duplicate of this one.


It's similar but I just wanted to add something because I'm not 100% clear whether this is what is being suggested here.


I'd like the ability to shuffle 4 playlists, and play one song from playlist #1, followed by 1 song from playlist #2, then 1 song from playlist #3. then 1 song from playlist #4, then one song from playlist #1 etc etc.


So that each playlist gets a song a piece when doing Shuffle All.


This is to stop the kids complaining that one of them has had more songs than the other when we play Spotify in the car 🙂


Love to see this implemented!


I'm looking forward to this idea since years. It could be easily achieved (whithout greater interface changes) by just adding a shuffle function for the songs in the playlist "play next" meaning the queue of all songs that will be played next (in German interface called "als nächstes").

It's already possible to add multiple playlists to this queue and to change the order of single tracks. So the easiest way to implement this funtionality would be to shuffle this queue when the user unselects and reselects the shuffle button of the player.

A second more comfortable option would be to automtically shuffle the play next queue when the user adds a playlist and the player is in shuffle mode...

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I'd also REALLY like to be able to shuffle multiple artists... to ask Spotify to shuffle play songs by say 5 different artists. That would be awesome. Thanks!


Pandora allows user to shuffle multiple selected playlists.  It's a wonderful feature for music lovers!!  Please Spotify offer this as well.  This feature keeps bringing me back to Pandora


I'm sort of with Subtropikal except that I do keep with Spotify for all the other amazing features. But this is something I'm actually very surprised wasn't a starting feature; I totally expected it when I upgraded to premium. 


I really want this idea. I am currently a Pandora One user and use the shuffle feature constantly. This would help ma make a permenant switch 

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I've been waiting for "shuffle play all" function for years!!!!! What's going on guys! How long does it take to add this simple function!

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