Your Music -> Albums should have a list view and search, not just album covers

Let me start by saying I really like the 'Your Music' feature that was recently implemented; it has the potential of greatly simplifying the management of people's music libraries.


However, it still has some shortcomings. First, in the Album view, it should be possible to view the albums as a list with details (i.e. a table with at least the columns Title and Artist). The columns should be sortable by clicking the headers. Having to browse through album covers is very annoying, ordered lists provide a much better overview.

Second, it should be possible to easily search one's own music library. Ideally the search would be accessible through a keyboard shortcut (like Gmail's / key brings the focus to the search field).


I pay quite a lot of money for Spotify, so I would appreciate it if these rather basic usability features are added relatively soon. Google Play Music All Access is sounding quite attractive, too 🙂 Many thanks!

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This needs to be fixed very fast. Else I gonna cancel my subscription and switch to another service.


Albums list with dates


I am also considering canceling my subscription because of this, I don't have time to slowly scroll through tiles. I want a text based list.