Zombies, run!

I wish spotify could intergrate their playlist with the awesome game/iphone-android app called Zombies, run! :3

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I'd love Spotify to allow integration with Zombies, Run! - I know from Twitter that a lot of the developers of ZR use Spotify themselves and they're itching for a way to integrate. It'll be wonderful if this is allowed in the future. 

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It would be so great!


I really don't undestand the "commercial" problem.


I pay for both apps so why can't they be integrated? :)

I use zombies run with nike plus. both are non commercial. commercial refers to using in a public arena. using Spotify with zombies run would clearly only be private use. ZR developers will have pages of wishlist development to get through. Spotify will get on it with dedicated pressure from the community :-)

would be great


So, can someone from Spotify clarify this here? Is it legal to integrate the API into a commercial iPhone app? or does this not the definition of commercial use? I guess it would still only be usable for Spotify Premium users, so I don't see the problem, as we are the ones paying for the music, right? But maybe I am misunderstanding the legal issues...

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What ZR say:


We have contacted them directly, but we are unable to integrate them with Zombies, Run! as their licensing and Terms of Service prohibit this. We'll be sure to announce if this changes though!


It would be great to undestand why! I'm paying for both and it's only an app for one personne (me).

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So I have an idea on this -


On my phone (Android) Zombie's, Run! only needs a playlist saved to the phone through the music app to be able to function.  If the genius Spotify devs could figure out a way to save the playlists as an Android playlist and just invoke the spotify app to play the music then I believe the Zombies, Run! app would be able to natively work at that point since all it would see if an Android playlist to use.




+1 to this idea. I don't have any music synced with my iPhone and I'd like to keep it that way.


Going off of what cpound had suggested, could it be possible to find a way to integrate playlists into the actual iphones? Maybe in a similar way to what google has done with google drive? Or is it possible to alter the API at all?