adjustable fontsize spotify client.

I want to be able to adjust the fontsize of the windows spotify client, so i can use it on my mediacenter without binoculars. On a 42" tv it is just not readable unless you are right in front of it. That is not the idea of a mediacenter. So I don't use spotify on it.


Hello folks,

First at all, really sorry for the delay on updating this idea, we have a lot of them coming in every day so sometimes it takes time and we also have to prioritize. Hope you can all understand.

We are going to mark this as "Case closed". At the moment it does not really fit out our design philosophy. However we might come back to it in the future, so keep an eye on the updates.

Thanks a lot for your contribution and ideas, we really appreciate it :)

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It seems like such a major flaw.. Why is this feature not available? Surely someone at Spotify must have realised this problem by now..?