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I would appreciate the option to disable flash ads. Both Chrome and Spotify have been taking up loads of memory (running Windows 7) and I found that by choosing when to enable flash in Chrome (i.e. it's not the default), I saved a lot of memory. Maybe you could do the same thing in Spotify? There are Chrome extensions that wrap flash content in HTML5 when possible, so the user doesn't notice a difference. Maybe the same is possible for Spotify? It might impove user performance.


Thank you

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I am getting pretty sick of so many large internet companies forcing Flash down everyone's throats FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON OTHER THAN ADVERTISING!!! YouTube does it, Facebook doesn't push very hard, but they would still love if you had it, Pandora does it, a ton of news sites do it. Fortunately, with Pandora, I can change my user agent to Firefox, and Pandora will reload fine, and it will play music with issues. But with Spotify on play.spotify.com, changing the user agent to Firefox just makes it think I don't have the right browser, even though both Firefox and Safari are supported. If you guys can't figure out how to serve ads without Flash, then maybe you should be sacking your web dev team and hiring people who know how to build an efficient website. I don't know why the hell Flash is still relied upon in this day and age. It should have been buried several years ago.
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Should that be even proposed as an idea? Clearly flash ads are bad for some peoples' old PC's and have big impact on their PCs' performance. There should be a separate option to allow or disallow the flash ads.


A typical small flash app eats more than twice as much of my CPU as a 720p movie, what the hell guys? Have a chat with your flash designers regarding the optimization.

Approximately 600px*100px flash applet uses "SpotifyHelper.exe --type=plugin" which uses 40% of my 2x1.6GHz, while a 720p movie uses only 15% and a 1080p movie uses 50% of it.


Well, for now WMIC, process GET and taskkill in a batch file do the job but it would be great if you did something about it.

You know, however oldschool it sounds, GIFs aren't that bad.

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WMIC process get where "filename = 'spotifyhelper.exe' and commandline like '--type=plugin'" call terminate


Put that in a 30 sec interval loop or in a task scheduler as a background task. No more flash in spotify.

Tested on Windows 7, have fun :)

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