[iOS] AirPlay 2 Support

Airplay 2 in Spotify
What do you think of the idea when the release of IOS 11 with the Airplay 2 this function is also integrated into the Spotify app.
This could then be several airplay loudspeakers as well as Airport Express to be played to connect several rooms.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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I thought this is a feature of the OS rather than of individual apps? That said, Spotify for iOS already has that "Devices Available" menu so does that override it? 

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I believe if Spotify adds support for AirPlay 2 then we can use Spotify to stream to HomePod when it comes out later this year, similar to how we can stream Spotify to Apple TV even without an app.


I'm sure many others will appreciate this, as I'm interested in getting a HomePod but I'm not sure if I'm willing to switch over to Apple Music.


Fantastic idea. I would love it. Technically I am looking for It as only solution for my multi room, the source of music would be than the one who delivers this future to me. 


I guess most of it is already published 






Has there been any anouncement whether Spotify will support Airplay 2? With free or premium accounts? Or anyone with access to current IOS beta can confirm whether it indeed works out of the box? Would be great to have multi-room functionality without spotify connect. This would be a huge benefit and reason for me to upgrade to premium.


This might be the only way to communicate with a homepod.


Any news on this? Airplay 2 is just released on iOS 11.4. 

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2nd the hope to see Airplay 2 supported as it was just released! Buffered streaming audio is way better than unbuffered 😄


Would love to see Airplay 2 support added—would allow multi-speaker streaming and help a lot with the 2 second lag when using airplay. Any chance of seeing this before iOS 12 comes out?