[iOS][Browse] Block or report nudity on Spotify album covers

For me personally, due to trauma and abuse, it’s extremely triggering to see blatant nudity on Spotify album covers or artist covers. There’s no way to hide or remove this and it’s very frustrating for me and some friends who’ve experienced similar trauma, and I imagine is probably not appropriate nor legal for minors on Spotify. There should really be a way to hide these images or report them, preferably with a rule you can’t use nudity for covers.

Updated on 2022-04-21

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This is such a good idea! I hope that this is something Spotify implements in the future

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Updated on 2022-01-31

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Very bad Idea. Your personal problems is your personal problems. Reporting to any album art is just a an act of a censorship, nothing else.

With respect, I recomend you to visit a doctor before posting something like this.


Frau, nobody asked. I’m sorry you want children using Spotify to see p*rn, maybe you should visit a ‘doctor’ (they’re called therapists) too. 


I'd prefer the ability to dynamically hide any specific covers, regardless of nudity. Some covers are disturbing for children for a variety of reasons (spooky, creepy, violent, etc.) and some covers I just don't appreciate.


What shouldn't happen though, is for covers to be banned for everyone. That should be up to the listener/viewer or their responsible party.


Except people literally did ask me, which is why I’m getting votes. I had other people want this as well. 

I didn’t shove this in any bodies face (like the nudity is being shoved in mine, and now your opinion) you came here and clicked on it to be upset and whine. If you’re an adult, act like one and move on. Children knowing ‘more about nudity’ doesn’t mean they should, nor does it mean it’s healthy, it simply means they’re growing more experienced in a sick society. Please move along, nobody wants your opinion. If you don’t want ‘censorship’ don’t censor US from speaking-all we want is a way to blur nsfw content on our own Spotify. We don’t care what YOU see or others see. We want this as an option for us and parents. People having free will shouldn’t bother you that much. Move. On.


I have mixed feeling.


Sure, there should be a way to hide them (because of kids, trauma, etc.) but it should be toggled on ONLY if the user decides to do it. Why do we want to ban nudility when it's literally art? Should we also cover naked sculptures in museums because it may be inappropriate? Nah.


(And don't be so rude here, the only person that wants to censor sth/sb are you, just toggle of explicit content, that's already an option)


I’m not asking for it to be censored for everybody and I have clarified that-I was as rude as the person that confronted me. Don’t nit pick who’s allowed to defend themselves or their opinions.


I don't pick who can defend themselves, lol. It's alright. This idea only has 11 votes in 2 weeks so thing like that won't be implemented anyway 


I can’t relate to going on other peoples posts just to sh*t on them for having different opinions than myself but if it’s making you feel better to do so, certainly continue. I imagine you need it.

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