iOS Control Center/Lockscreen control when playing via Spotify Connect

Add possibility on iOS to control music without unlocking the device and opening the Spotify app when using Spotify Connect as audio output.

This is currently possible only when the iOS device itself is outputting audio.

This should be possible easily with iOS as Sonos is doing something similar with their app. Android already has this w/ Spotify.

Hugely important feature as it's a pain to always having to unlock device & open the app to change volume or skip track.

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100% agreed. This is desperately needed!

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Thanks for reposting this idea.


Previously, there was discussion on whether implementation of this was feasible. By now, Sonos has managed to implement a similar feature in their app, so it is possible.


It was possible to have this level of control on IOS 9. Why did it change?

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Really? It's never been available for me before. How did you manage to get it back then?


Please make this possible


Definitely need this feature! Please implement it! 

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Definitely needed! This works when playing YouTube on Chromecast, and altough I'm a long-time Spotify fan, this little detail makes it really tempting to use that platform instead...

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I was thinking the same when I saw YouTube support for this. So now that we know it's definitely possible and not restricted by Apple I'm wondering what's Spotify holding back from supporting lockscreen controls on Spotify Connect. 


This has been implemented!