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[iOS][Discover] "Trending albums for you" only shows up for a couple of minutes then it disappears.

There's this fantastic feature that shows "trending albums for me", and when I've listened to them I have enjoyed it, but it has only showed up twice so far and never stays for more than five minutes. Is is possible to make these recommendations searchable, or at least semi permanent on the home screen? I don't want to get anxious every time I see it and start screenshot-ing like a madman. Thank you.

Updated on 2022-04-05

Hey @abista 

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I can completely relate with this issue as I have been trying to screenhot reccomendations. Even talking screenshot is not easy as it's horizontal so have to take multiple. Vertical would still allow by taking long screenshots. Please add feature as I don't want to lose the wonderful recommendations. Thanks.


It is obviously a needed feature given that quite a few bothered to search and comment about this.   I can only guess it is probably a money oriented decision, paying new albums. Otherwise I cannot understand what is the big issue with having this trending albums bar available for more then one peek