[iOS][Music] Left/right balance fader to settings


I think its very important to add left/right channel fader to audio settings. It is very important to us who have other ear hearing weaker. Do you agree?

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But also to use mono speakers with a stereo jack!


can you not adjust the audio settings in your phone or devices settings?

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Yes, but no channel balance

Pretty please... Android not having this feature on all systems is very disappointing. I listen to Spotify more than anything else. My local music player has it but don't use it much and it doesn't help with Spotify. I pay for premium family plan and listen almost constantly. Sadly I must endure the outside world and can only use one earbud at a time. Please please please...


Yeah, that would be a great addition to the platform. Please do this!


Wake up Spotify!! We need balance settings. 🙂

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Android and iOS let do this in the general settings (iOS under Accessibility). There is no need for this feature.
Not all android versions and or devices…
I have 2, neither one are capable. My friends does. Some do, some don’t.
All other music apps have this.
I find it very irresponsible the way Spotify is handling this issue.
I’m already looking into options as I can’t add my kids because they don’t live with me.
They are still my family and I feel they should be able to be on a family account.

Please add this, my broken headphones need it.