[iOS][Music] Option to Disable Behind the Lyrics

I think that you should have the choice of disabling behind the lyrics in settings because I would always swipe down on the album cover to exit the screen but now I can't because of behind the lyrics which makes my music listening experience bad

Hey folks. We don't have plans to make it optional to disable Behind The Lyrics. We'll let you know if we make any improvements to this feature though. For now you can click on the arrow in the top left corner or just swipe down on the Now Playing View in order to leave the feature. 


(Changed from "Implemented Status", as many of you mentioned in the comments)


I don't know whose idea the "lyrics" option was, or what money went to funding it, but it is intensely irritating. For those of us who use the app as intended - TO LISTEN TO MUSIC - not being able to turn off this annoying feature is downright stupid. It screws up swiping gestures. I don't have bluetooth in my car and agree with all of those who posted about how this feature can cause a damgerous distraction to drivers. My apologies to the development team that worked on this but it should never have been a default (and thus far always-on) feature. It's a pain in the **bleep**.








Yep.  Add me to the list of annoyed by Genius


+1 to the above. 

Please add option to turn off the Genius 'behind the lyrics'. 

Especially now it seems that it pops up automatically whenever available, hiding the artwork?

It is EXTREMELY annoying - please fix this. 


Also noticed this change. Before there was just annoying animation where the behind the lyrics bar would pop by behind the art cover, but now it opens automatically :/


If Spotify has some deal with Genius to shove their content into user's faces, the least they could do is allow premium subscribers to disable it. After all we pay for certain experience and this in my view is basically spam/ad :/


@tuxbugy I think you might be on to something - if Spotify does not take quick action to fix this mess we can basically assume it's a deal with genius to spam us and shove their content down our throats. 

I want my artwork back now! 


How difficult can it be to have an extra toggle in the Settings to turn it off?
This "Behind the lyrics" is horrible, especially on bigger phones where the swipe down gesture is (of was) the best way to return to the previous screen.


Forcing it now is even worse. Every song with the lyrics available now automatically go to the front. Why? 


Despite all of the comments requesting this feature be turned off, Spotify's most recent update now forces the user to look at the Behind the Lyrics because it automatically appears when playing a song.  This is obnoxious and not user-friendly.  The purpose and usefulness of this feature is not clear, although it is clear from the multiple threads on this topic that your users don't like it. Your app should play music, not be full of animations and useless functions. 


I, for one, will be canceling my premium account and switching to Apple Music if no solution is provided. 


The work around provided by spotify is not working. It returns for every next song. Very distracting whilst driving and the phone is in a dashboard mounr

Music Fan

When Spotify first launched Behind the Lyrics, it was an obnoxious jumping box in the background, but it went away after a few moments. The community revolted, and Spotify responded... by doing the opposite of what the community wanted: Spotify made it worse, more intrusive, and more obnoxious by instead putting on top of the album art.


Now, with the latest Spotify update, the Genius Behind the Lyrics feature is forced on you, it supercedes and overrides the playing of music and viewing of album art. You WILL read fun facts about this song and you WILL like it, Spotify says.


Imagine a Spotify user that has their mobile device mounted in their windshield so they can focus on the road and easily swipe tracks with their finger in a safe way that keeps their focus on the road. No longer. Now, Spotify insists that -- instead of safely focusing on the road -- that you now read fun facts about what Rihanna tweeted one time. Yeah, you can make it go away by swiping up, but a) sometimes the 'up' is registered as a 'right' and it advances to the next track, ruining your music experience; b) sometimes the 'up' swipe doesn't register and you have to do it again; and c) these are things people should not be doing while focusing on the road.


The feature is dumb, but I don't care about that. Have the feature, whatever, but don't force it on us. Give us a way to disable it. If you don't, Spotify is on notice that it's a dangerous distraction to people running, biking, or driving. It is not a stretch to say this feature will literally kill someone, and that death will be your responsibility.


I've been a Spotify Premium user for six years, but this forced feature and doing exactly the opposite of what the Spotify community wants is making me want to jump ship. As a software engineer myself, I know it is trivally simple to add a configuration option to disable this feature. So, what's the big deal? My concern is: what's next? What's the next marketing partnership feature that Spotify is going to push on us?


Please, listen to the community. Give us configuration options to disable annoying features like this. And pledge to us that you will never do this again.


Same as everyone, hate this so called feature. Options!!! Hear the clients or otherwise, Deezer, here I come