[iOS][Music] Option to Disable Behind the Lyrics

I think that you should have the choice of disabling behind the lyrics in settings because I would always swipe down on the album cover to exit the screen but now I can't because of behind the lyrics which makes my music listening experience bad

Hey folks. We don't have plans to make it optional to disable Behind The Lyrics. We'll let you know if we make any improvements to this feature though. For now you can click on the arrow in the top left corner or just swipe down on the Now Playing View in order to leave the feature. 


(Changed from "Implemented Status", as many of you mentioned in the comments - the topic will continue in this idea.)

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imninclined to agree with most people in this comment thread. 

Without getting angry, most of my usage of Spotify mobile comes whilst I'm driving and (especially in the uk as of yesterday, now that using your phone can see 6 points on your licence) it's a huge distraction, and a huge potential problem for anyone who uses the easy-swipe to change songs. Most of the time before this I was able to barely move my eyes, if at all, to control what I'm listening to. But with this feature now enabled by default, and with the screen constantly changing and pulling my eyes down from the road every five seconds. Not to mention now I have to swipe up for practically every song on my playlists whilst I'm driving. It's significantly changed the app from being driving friendly to very, very unfriendly. it's becoming more of a nuisance than something constructive, and something that is making me genuinely consider my future with Spotify.


I have used the feature before. It can be genuinely alright to see. But to have it push to the front for every song, automatically, with no option to disable is just undoubtedly the wrong option in my eyes. 

I know it's there. I'm happy to see the feature when it's behind an album cover. But please, leave it there. Don't force something into me that I'm not interested in. Especially when I'm trying to drive.


Please, please give us an option to turn Behind the Lyrics off.. It is so distracting while driving.  I also just want to see the original album art.   Why force something we don't want on us.  Just for more revenue or advertising somehow?  Not for a pay service please.  


I depise this new feature...it's AWFUL! I just want the album cover...and the solution given is no solution at all. This feature should be able to be turned off...I don't remember being asked if I wanted this junk scrolling on my screen! I don't think I'll be continuing my premium membership. Nothing was broken with the "old way" so I'm not understanding WHY we're being forced to deal with this ugly new feature. 


this is the type of thing that makes me go away and look for some other option out there, I really hope that this garbage gets a option to be turn off or I may just leave.