[iOS][Music] PLEASE bring back the old Spotify!

Terrible New Update Rendering Spotify Way Less Accessible And Therefore Less Enjoyable To Use.


The newest update is just terrible. PLEASE bring back the alpabetical scroll bar, the ability to look at all of my artists of all of my saved songs, the possibility to save songs from albums individually without having to put them into a playlist. PLEASE bring back being able to look at recently played songs in the tab "library" and not in the tab "start" where I have to be connected to WiFi to look at them. PLEASE put everything back to the way it was before the last two big updates of Spotify! The newest update literally just made Spotify less accessible. Why is Create A Playlist above all of my saved songs and playlists? That is not the first thing people want to see, we go on Spotify to listen to our music and we want to be able to access it easily, being able to see all of our recently played songs AND not having to be connected to WiFi to do so. Also, personally: PLEASE bring back the possibility to save songs individually without having to put them into a playlist. The last two updates just made downloading and saving songs needlessly complicated and the experience of Spotify overall not enjoyable. Last but not least: bring back the category of "new released" so that one doesn't have to search for new releases but can access them easily.


I'm already looking out for other streaming devices (namely Apple Music) if Spotify stays being this inconveniently to use or the impending updates prive to be even more restricting in accessing and listening to my saved and downloaded music.

Updated on 2019-06-18

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I unfortunately misswrote prove to prive in my recent post. So I'm changing that now.


@__spo__: PLEASE bring back the old spotify IU to make the Spotify-app as conveniently to use as it used to be before the last two updates.

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Also, I think that gestures should be all inclusive and not just be present on iOS devices. On the surface, Spotify looks like an organised company, however, the inconsistencies and lack of improvement is really showing to me what kind of company Spotify is.

The gesture I am talking about is the swipe down to minimise the song. If it's on iOS then why not Android? I am thinking about moving to Youtube Music after this months subscription.


History was removed , made it very difficult to use app , pls reconsider last update spotify team . agree with this post on many things , like create playlist poping up top ((( no need for that . 


i miss the ability to save songs individually so much! when  i want to listen to an album i like, i'm not looking for 5 hours worth of live material; i just want the album! it also takes up so much more space. and when i "unsave" an album, the songs from the album are still marked as "liked", and still saved in my "liked songs", which i don't even use!

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No recent music. No artist or album view. No one cares about following Artists! Change it back please...

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I don't listen to podcasts or use the liked songs feature, so the new update is wasted on me. I can't change the order of the albums, (recently added but not in the opposite order for instance), I agree, noone cares about following artists! Recently played was great and that's gone. The tiles for everything are way too big, for someone with more than 5 playlists and albums in my library, it's just impractical. It's like it's designed for blind people. Its making me claustrophobic. The library update seems catered for a particular type of Spotify user alone, if you use the liked songs feature or don't listen to albums in full. Honestly, it just requires some customisability. Ugh. Just annoying.


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I am running on an iPhone 6 and haven’t updated to the newest iOS yet and the most recent update I made to Spotify says it was released three weeks ago, so whatever this is hasn’t affected me yet. I have seen it on my girlfriend’s phone however and it looks god awful. I’m not touching**bleep** with my iOS or with another Spotify update and hopefully I don’t have to deal with**bleep**. If it does get to me and it’s as bad as I think it is I probably will be switching back to Apple Music. Removing the recently played list in the library tab is a terrible decision. Everything was running great before and the app, while not perfect, was good. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


It’s official - im cancelling my subscription because of this awful update. There are no upsides to these changes and I can guarantee Spotify will lose many many more subscriptions unless they switch it back QUICKLY


Like most people, I have all my liked songs as a playlist. This new update does not take all your song into account as your playlist so I'm constantly pressing 8 buttons to get it to do the things I want. Also, the app crashes more constantly.

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This update is adding steps to manage and enjoy your library. I like a song so I check it or press the heart (another inconsistency, but baby steps) and that should be it, right? No, now to find that song I like, I have to scroll a list of 8k songs. To use the album view, I have to like the entire album. To use the artist view, I have to follow the artist.


Those are three steps you're making users take to be able to download what should be a one-step process - like a song and be done with it.