[iOS][Music] Please, for the love of God, change back to the old library design

This new updated library is terrible. There is nothing good about it, except mabye being able to filter playlists. Here's the main things which are causing an issue:

  1. All our artists are gone. They now have to be followed to appear in the library, which takes ages. Additionally, once followed it seems to save all songs from the albums - when I listen to an album I curate it and remove the songs I don't like from my library. So now I can't simply shuffle an artist without hearing ALL their songs! 
  2. There seems to be a similar problem with the Albums tab. I now essentially don't use the Artists or Albums tab as it shows all the songs from said album, including ones I'd previosuly unsaved. So thats great...
  3. The lovely alphabetical scroll bar is gone! Now I can't quickly scroll to the artist/song by alphabetical order, and have to search in the search bar. Waaaay more unecessarily complicated.
  4. The recently played section of my library is gone! I always used this to quickly access artists I'm listening to alot. Spotify claims that this is now on the home page - not really. Sure it has recently played artists, but if you select these it simply takes you to the artists home page - again not the curated artists page of your personal library.

Please, please, I'm paying £10/month for this rubbish. Either change back to the old library, or have an option in settings whereby the user can decide which is best for them and choose accordingly. I've been a Spotify subscriber for 6 years, mabye its time to try Apple Music...


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Wonderfully put these are all my main problems with the new update as well. Them taking away all of these great functions is ridiculous. Honestly who asked for anything remotely like this? Plus they closed the previous idea similar to this without addressing anything. Utterly absurd.


The current layout is not how I listen to music or used Spotify.  The new layout is not faster or easier.  The artists aren't even sorted alphabetically.  Please explain how that is faster and easier?  Why can I not have a list of songs?  And whay only the songs/artists I have 'liked'.  What happed to the radio stations.  That was one feature I used a lot.  BTW, I am paying for this awful interface.  I am hoping for Spotify of return the features they took away or I will be looking elsewhere.  


This new update is total trash. I WANT THE OLD ALBUM LYBRARY BACK. Or at least have an option. since the update I HAVE ABANDONED SPOTIFY.


Couldn't agree more with the redesign critisism. My biggest current problem is that there are artists that show up in my "Recommended artists" at the bottom of my artist tab. These are artists that have songs I've checked/liked. No matter how many times, and in different ways (mobile, desktop, wifi, 4g, etc.) I click on follow, as soon as I reload the app, they show up in random order under "Recommended"....wth. Liking songs, then listening to the collection of songs under the Artist tab IS HOW I USE SPOTIFY!! I am willing to work around many of the changes wrought by this abbomination of an update, but a lot of stuff is just plain broken. Like seriously doesn't work. What kind of a crappy company releases a broken update, not disagreeable, straight...up....BROKEN. Then over the course of 3 more updates doesn't fix ONE DARN THING?




Maybe I will F*** off Spotify, maybe I will.


The UI change is horrible. I used to browse my libarary through the "albums" section, but now it's so much less useful with all these new changes:

  1. losing the alphabet on the right side for fast scrolling
  2. larger album art, so there's less useful information onscreen, literally the definition of worse UI
  3. more scrolling because there's so much more wasted space
  4. the microexpression that drops down "the music/podcasts" and "playlists/artists/albums" is too sensitive, and now that I have to scroll more it constatnly intrudes when I don't need it
  5. why is "music/podcasts" so large? it's unnecessarily huge, podcasts could be listed after "albums"
  6. again, huge amounts of wasted space in the playlist section, when you add up the upper navigation, "create playlist" and "liked songs," there's only room to see two playlists onscreen before scrolling... beyond bad

Please, give us an option for legacy view! And fire whoever decided to make these changes!


I agree. What was once user-friendly is now complicated and doesn’t meet my needs. The ability to search alphabetically for albums or artists is essential.If this isn,t changed, I’ll be checking out Apple Music.

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