[iOS][Music] Terrible New Update

The newest update is just terrible. PLEASE bring back the alpabetical scroll bar, the ability to look at all of my artists of all of my saved songs, just put everything back the way it was! The newest update literally just made Spotify less accessible. Why is Create A Playlist above all of my saved songs and playlists? That is not the first thing people want to see, we go on Spotify to listen to our music and we want to be able to access it easily. 

Updated on 2019-07-10

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Music Fan

I'm really hurting from the absence of the alphabetic scroll bar, especially since they shoved my whole library into one huge playlist!


I very much agree. It's the worst - it interferes with my way of listening to music in a very brutal way, and if this is permanent, I will cancel my Spotify premium account. The app has become way less usable - it takes me three times the taps and so much more scrolling to find the music I want to listen to, and with me often being in places without WiFi, I really can't listen to a specific artist anymore. Finally, that all the songs I liked were shoved into one big playlist is a joke.

Music Fan

Agreed and voted! It flies in the face of all current the UI/UX thinking.



Hello there at Spotify,


please make smtg like personal playlist available again.

Also please make it possible again to browse the downloaded songs.


As we are on Premium Family it would be a loss of 3 customers if
we cancel the subscription because of this silly update...




After the update: every single song I had downloaded appears in MY LIBRARY as the entire album. Artists is empty. Playlists have one playlist with all liked/downloaded songs. This changes are very bad and make no sense. 


Before I was able to download songs from various albums and then play all songs from the chosen artist. Before I was able to play an album without the songs I didn't download.


Agreed - my most used feature used to be 'Recently Played' which was easily accessible from the right tab and would keep about 15 of the albums I was listening to in a list that was easy to select from...now this list is shown on the home page with those large icons that you have to scroll through horizontally. I usually find the updates make the app better once I get used to them but I've hated this one for months and it hasn't changed back. Please let me go back to the last version 😞 

Music Fan

I just re downloaded Spotify after using a competing app. I did notice that something was off / different  from the last time that I had used the iOS app (2018). I am voting for this, because I agree, that something about the app feels like a step in the wrong direction. My first reaction was "Spotify app feels like it took a few steps backward, whats going on here" 


I agree with other Spotify users. I hate the new look and feel of the library on my android as a family premium member. Please think of a better solution for all users.



Completely agree. A terrible update.

A library should be able to be used as such: the ability to look for your downloaded artist, albums and songs in alphabetical order.

Also it’s not because I download an album that I automatically  want to follow an artist: a very cheap way of increasing artists’ followership.

Also, bundling everything I have downloaded into “my favourite playlist” is useles and annoying. 

Finally, I might have checked out a song or an artists and didn’t like them, so want to keep the ability to delete “recently played”.


Either, go back to previous functionality or update the update and reintroduce those functions.


I have started looking at alternative apps. 


Casual Listener

I totally agree. The newest update from this moment just proved to be even worse as there is no way now to access my recently played songs and look at my music library in a way that isn't irritating. Please bring back the alphabetical ordner and a way to save songs from albums individually without having to put them in a playlist! If there will be no update from this atrocity, I will probably switch to Apple Music as my streaming service of choice. The newest update makes my use of Spotify enormously inconvenient.