[iOS][Other] Advertising honesty

I don't dispute Spotify's right to play ads, but the way they are doing it these days borders on dishonest. 


Just today, I was told "tap on the ad to watch a short video, and get 30 minutes of ad-free music." I tapped it, I got a Spotify video ad, then another ad from Lifelock, and then a third stationary ad from Spotify.


At other times, I have watched the video, and then Spotify has suddenly closed, leaving me to re-open it without the 30 minutes of ad-free music.


Finally, "30 minutes" apparently means THE LESSER OF 30 minutes of play time, including skips, or 30 actual minutes, in case you walk away from Spotify and come back later.


Sure would be nice to see a greater level of honesty from the company.



Updated on 2017-05-21

Hey there!


That seems to be an issue that Spotify is currently looking into. Hopefully it's fixed soon. ;)

Status: Case Closed

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