[iOS][Other] Show Lyrics without listening to song

I feel like there should be an option under the triple dot button of a song to see the lyrics for it without having to tap on the song.

Updated on 2022-07-05


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Updated on 2022-01-05

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Also a great idea, would be nice to check lyrics when searching for a song to see if its the one you’re looking for.


It would be very nice to be able to follow the lyrics while the song is playing. Almost as a sing alone feature 


Spotify actually pulls its lyrics from Musixmatch, so if you go there you can go look at them independently


I think this is a great idea. I find myself googling "_____ lyrics". If this was implemented, it would keep us from closing the app, opening up a web browser, finding the song of choice, then opening Spotify back up. It's nice to have everything in one place.


This would be beyond dope! I craft whole playlist based off a common word or theme and often use Google to find songs that contain certain words -- DJ's and Producers would flip out over this option

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very nice for home made karaoke!

Other think that I really wish is that we could be able again to send private messages in Spotfy again! I have a lot of friends that are leaving instagram and facebook, and whenever I want to share a good song with them, I can't anymore...My question is why? Did Mark Zuckerberg paid for Spotfy to chut that option down? What a shame Spotfy, you had everything to became the most powerful social network, but you preferred to sell yourself.


I had been thinking about this, recently. I sometimes find songs through the rabbit hole or however, that I'm searching, for the potential of adding to particular playlists. Lyrics are a big deal (if the playlists are not instrumental), so I check to see if the lyrics are fitting. I sometimes listen to one song, while I look up the lyrics for the next one up. If I could just go the options for that song, to see them, that would save the time in listening to find out, especially toward the end, that it's not fitting.




Sometimes I dont want to listen to a song but just read the lyrics for example. Maybe there can be a tab if you click on the 3 dots where you can find the lyrics of the song.


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