[iOS][Other] Swipe to Queue gesture no longer available on artist top tracks

The swipe to queue and add track to library gestures are no longer working on any Artist's "Popular" songs. The gestures still work in other locations such as when viewing albums, playlists, or searched songs.


This feature is important to me because when a song comes on from an artist I haven't listened to and like, I visit artists pages and queue up their Popular songs to see if I like some of their other releases. This allows me to easily and quickly save the songs and artist if I like them or pass them up and continue with my playlist/radio if I do not. The ease of access is especially important while I'm working, exercising, or driving.


I'm guessing the loss of functionality has to do with the recent UI change to Artist's pages (Pictures are now a cover picture behind their artists names and follow button look and position change).

Hey everyone,


The iOS app was recently updated so you can now swipe to queue popular tracks on artist pages. If you don't see it yet, make sure your Spotify app is up to date.

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And they should come back to the chronological order and the division of albums and singles too, or at least put the option to choose if you want to see them chronologically or in order of popularity


Yeah.. this is really annoying.


I don’t understand why app developers remove good features like this... 🤦‍♂️


Yes, I completey agree with you rock02fede. Having the option of changing how artist's releases are displayed would be great.


 I really enjoyed this feature and how convenient it was. I would really love to see it back.


This has been so annoying since the new artist page was released... It also takes longer to get to their latest release


+1 for this issue! Really really miss this feature


Would really like to have this feature added back! It's very frustrating. I thought my app was broken!


Been using spotify since 2011, the iOS app UX has been sliding as of late. Between the nonsensical fusion of search and discover and now removing the slide to queue/add to library gestures, makes you wonder who’s signing off on this. Ad hominem intended whoever you are...

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The same issue is occurring in playlists that have full cover photos and especially the featured playlists with videos. Really would like to see swipe to queue come back for those 

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Hey everyone,


The iOS app was recently updated so you can now swipe to queue popular tracks on artist pages.