[iOS][Your Music] Brink back the ability to remove individual songs from a saved album

I used to be able to "Save" an album and go through and remove the tracks I didn't want, like live songs on a deluxe album.  Now that "Save" has been replaced with "Like", all the albums I had saved now include every song from the album with no way to remove them and even though "Like" is not selected for the songs I don't want it still plays everything on the album, not just the likes songs.  This is so frustrating.  I didn't have the songs saved for a reason, now I have no choice unless I want to turn all of my saved albums into seperate playlists.  Frustrating.

Updated on 2019-07-11

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Totally agree with this! I basically always want to save and listen to just the original album songs and skip the bonuses. A very important feature. 

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Also have this problem and as usual Spotify are just telling me to reinstall the entire app which means deleting my entire library and re-installing it. Maybe this is a good time to join Apple Music. 

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I agree!  I don't want to hear 40 versions of a song or 57 rough demo versions.  I want to hear the original album and just that album.  This has made me consider moving to Amazon Music where I have more control.


Spotify needs to correct this as I'm sure we're not the only ones who noticed this.

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I still do this. Click SAVE on the album. Then highlight the songs you don't want and click REMOVE FROM LIBRARY. It totally works

(Mac desktop client -- Pixel 3)

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Are you doing this on mobile or desktop?  This doesn't work anymore on mobile hence the post.

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So, you can remove songs on  the desktop version but not the mobile app.  The changes on the desktop aren't saving to my mobile.  


The work around it to create a playlist out of the album and add the tracks in the order you want to hear them.  That means you'll have a lot of playlists though.

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I can do it on mobile or desktop. I have a Pixel. Maybe it's an Android thing. I can save an album then click the three dots next to a song and choose "remove".

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I can't do that from my iPhone.  You are correct in the process as that's how we used to be able to do it but it's not an option.  Are you totally up to date on updates?  If not, I wouldn't suggest doing any updates since the last one was what killed this option.

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Spotify have **bleep** around with the interface with no reasonable explanation. 


Previously if you downloaded/saved an album you could remove individual tracks that you didn’t like by clicking on the three dots on the menu and editing that album.  


Now, at least on the iPhone app you can’t do that.  


However you you can delete tracks by simply swiping individual tracks from right to left and it removes it from your library.  HOWEVER THIS DOES NOT REMOVE THE TRACK FROM YOUR ALBUM TRACK LISTING.   


This is what’s causing problems.  When you’re out and about using cellular Spotify will not play those unliked tracks which is not only extremely annoying but a waste of our data costs. 


There is a way around this but it’s clumsy and easily forgettable.  Go to settings and playback and ensure offline is set to green. Now all those deleted album tracks no longer appear.   Go back on line and those tracks reappear.  


Anyway Spotify really need to sort out this clumsy way of navigating the app.  It’s makinh me seriously considering migrating to Apple. 

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Please fix this, this has affected the listening experience of many and now it absolutely sucks.