[iOS][Your Music] Link albums and artists back to your library and not to the catalog view.

In the most recent spotify update, any catagory of music except for "Albums" and "Artists" has been removed. "Artists" now only shows the artists you follow, and "Albums" now only show full albums that you have saved (so if you have one or two songs saved in that album, it won't show up there). There is currently no way to change this back to the old layout, and this is inconvenient if you would like to see your entire library under "albums" and "artists." 


Spotify should, consequently, either return to the previous layout or add an option for these two tabs to organize your entire library. This will make it far more convenient for Spotify users to access their library, as well as listen to music from specific albums or artists without being forced to listen to the entire discography of an artist or an entire album if they do not wish to do so.


Attached belowis an image the new layout for reference.  


Updated on 2019-04-12

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Casual Listener

Terrible update. I don't want to follow artists (this isn't a social media platform for me). I just want to play the music that I like from those artists in a quick, convenient, and accessible way. Things used to be "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", but now I don't think there's any discernable difference between y'all braking things and fixing things seeing as this whole change/update was listed as "Fixed UI issues". How about some more description as to what you're doing in these updates and give the users the option as to whether we actually want to accept your "fixes". 


I really hope they revert back from this change, it isn't condusive to the way I consume music at all and will cause me to leave Spotify for a competitor if it remains.


I can't understand how these changes get put out and if they are focus tested who on earth do they focus test against?


I thought it would be the 10,000 song library limit that would cause me to leave as I'm creeping ever closer to that but this is far more likely as being able to store the songs is of no use if I can't even find them without spending ages digging through an oversimplified yet more awkward to use app.


I have been EXTREMELY annoyed with Spotify changing important things lately.  Did they hire some new, inexperienced people?  Or people just out of touch with practical and friendly UI?  Quit changing things!  Within a short time, they’ve managed to botch up the repeat button and now the Artist section!  I always went through my list of artists with ease. Now it’s just gone.  At least after all the gripe, the repeat button came back.  It was an unnecessary change in the first place. Seriously, what are you all doing??!

Casual Listener

I hate the new layout so much. The old one worked. I think they should fire whoever came up with it.

Music Fan

Since Spotify refuses to proactively communicate important changes, a Reddit user did that work for free with regard to Your Library. If you're curious about how it now works in detail, with some workarounds, check it out.

Casual Listener

I think If spotify wants to test a new UI they should give us an option to opt out. I thought my premium subscription had ended or something i was so confused. I dont download whole albums because i don't listen to whole albums. now the inidividual songs i listen to are gone. 

I usually scroll through artist. My whole library is gone. 


It's too bad. I want to save songs to an artist category in my library and only play those songs! What happened to common sense?!


I totally agree with this. The new layout is so inconvinient and not user friendly. I really hope the bring the old layout back, one of the best features of Spotify was that you could personalize everything and listen to the albums and specific songs that you wanted and that those were the ones you saved. This new layout completly ruined everything! Please bring back the old one!!!


This change happened to me the same day that you wrote this comment.  I've talked to an employer and she told me that this change,  soon or later will affect everybody.  I think it doesn't matter if you have Spotify on IOS or Android. In my case,  I have an Android phone and this trouble affects on me.  I hope Spotify will read this comments and will take the decision to return to the previous layout.  We only can wait and see what happens... 


Bring back the old version! I've spent hours and hours curating my music library and now it's completely gone. I have always accessed my music in the same ways described above and to find the "songs" tab completely erased was devastating. I leave on a trip tomorrow and I can't access my music. Customer service just said it was part of the update and I could save my songs in the future. That's great, but what about my songs from the past? POOF. GONE. Huge letdown, Spotify.