[iPad] Bring back the old Layout with 2 Panels

Today the Ipad app was updated to change the layout to be the same as the Iphone app with the nav bar at the bottom. All i can say is why? Why would you do this? The Ipad app used to essentially use two halfs of the screen serepatly, the left side being the previouse pannel you were on and the right being the one you are on. This worked perfectly and meant you could swap between playlists and tracks easily and it meant there was NO wasted space.Image result for spotify ipad

This previouse layout was clearly designed for Ipad and worked perfectly and was very userfriendly so WHY WHY WHY would you change it to this: (attachment) 


Pretty much 80% of the screen is wasted blank space and there is no way to easily see what playlist you are playing. Basically each pannel seen in the image of the previous layout now fills the entire screen and you have to use a back arrow at the top left to go to other pannels. This NEEDS to change, it is not acceptable to change a perfectly good layout to one designed for a much smaller screen for seemingly no reason, the only update note is that they changed the layout to that of Iphones so this update was completely pointless and just ruined the layout. The nav bar being at the bottom is unnecissary, there was nothing wrong with it being at the side. Whats happened is a high up who has no idea about what people want or anything about thier own app have told thier team to bring out an update because one hasnt been out for a while even though thier is no need for one. 


I seriously hope more people get on Spotifys **bleep** about this because this needs to be changed because frankly it less userfriendly then the previouse layout and ugly AF.


Once again we see a software provider updating thier software for no good reason only to make things worse, these companies need to understand that thiers nothing wrong with leaving something the way it is. If it aint broke dont fix it! 



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I completely agree! This makes it completely unusable for me. Why would they do such a thing? It is hard to know which three dots on the right correspond to a track name on the left on my ipad pro. There is now a enormous empty space in the middle and the navigation is just cumbersome. Please please PLEASE change that back!

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totally agree!!!

Casual Listener

The old design was WAY better. It was easy to slide between panels and the screen was utilised so much better. Change it back.


Totally agree!!! 


Agreed! I have been paying up for 3 years and this is what they give me? Go **bleep** yourselves up a tree. 


Agree change it back or give us the option to select maybe in preference

Music Fan

Pleas brong back the functionallity the split screen gave us. This really sucks.

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I can’t vote on this enough. Spotify tends to drag their feet on staying up to date with current hardware (still waiting on an Apple Watch app, Today screen widget, landscape mode for iOS) but this change seems to show deliberate contempt towards iPad users. Also, split screen compatibility would be awfully nice. 


Seriously, it sucks as a paying customer to get a bunch of “Not Right Now” statuses for reasonable updates. Somebody asked for landscape mode on iOS after learning Spotify for Android has it, and a dev responded to say they’re classifying that idea as “Not right now.” That isn’t even an idea, it’s a request for functionality that’s been available since the first iPhone. 


Sorry for going off-topic. Bring back our iPad app!!


Wait, I tought that this was an iOS problem, using the iPhone interface on the iPad.