private sessions should be default setting

you should only share  info when user wants to.


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I love Spotify, but the constant need to turn on privacy Every time I listen to music is taking the fun out of it. Once in a while it can be fun to share the activities of my day, but not per default.

@jojojojo wrote:

you should only share  info when user wants to.

I could not agree more! Can we please have this preferrence switched around?

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I'm surprised there aren't more comments and kudos going for this suggestion. This is a really annoying part of the Spotify experience and I'm sure I'm not the only one who agrees with this. Please change the default privacy settings.




I got the folowing message from Spotify about how to correct "private sessions should be default setting".


As you woudl expect - it doesnt work - there are no options to change "private sessions" in the below suggestion ( which only allow you to cvhnag e-mail prefs).


I can only presume that  Spotify believe that Privacy is far less important than insisting users promote Spotify.  


Which is sad.




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As the previous poster said.


"I can only presume that  Spotify believe that Privacy is far less important than insisting users promote Spotify."


Welcome to the internet of today.



Spotify please review this policy and let people who care about their privacy be able to be "invisible" by ease.


If not im sure it is going to lead to hacking of your client.

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I guess, it's simply against the idea of spotify to have a permanent private session as sharing the information could gather new users.


Anyway, although I fully agree that it should be an option in the settings for everyone not to share the music listened to, it should be for the paying users at least.

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Why is this still a new idea? It was created almost a yeat ago. Is it so difficult to make the button toggle, instead of clicking it all the time..

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You can switch off Facebook sharing via EDIT > PREFERENCES.


Took me ages to find it, and switching on Private Session every time was driving me mad - I kept forgetting to use it then listening to an embarrassing 'guilty pleasure' track 😄


Spotify should definitely allow users to have permanent private sessions, or make sharing an opt-IN setting instead of a required opt-OUT. Spotify should at least make this a feature for Premium users, which would then be an added benefit of spending $10/month and might entice more users to sign up for Premium.


I'm quite tired of having to switch it everytime I use the app. I think I will just cancel my subscription and move to other platforms that respect users more...