put "Spotify" at the end of title bar in software

I'm a windows user. The format of the title is "Spotify - Artist - Song" which is not so good for me as I would see more in my windows task bar (is it called i think, the bar where the start button is).


I would propose to change the format to:


Artist - Song - Spotify


or maybe even better:


Song - Artist - Spotify

Updated: 2015-08-05


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Here's a similar idea, add your kudos there to support it:


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As Rodlulzpant mentioned, a similar idea has also been suggested here:

Add your kudos and comments there please!

Well, I think my Idea is more clear because the other duplicated idea just wants to remove it. Anyway, hope this "no brainer" will get implemented 😉
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@simonschaufi  I believe you are correct. There is a distinct difference between move and remove. And I actually find yours to be better - no need to remove the software title, only a re-disposition. 

@Marco  or @blake  can one of you please re-check this? 

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This idea suggests re-ordering the title bar format to display 'Spotify' last in the Windows desktop client.

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i dont see this because Windows 7 but i will recommend this also if i had vista or lower.

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It's not only for older windows systems, it still applies to Win7 for those who don't have their buttons combined in the taskbar.


I came here to propose the same idea, I think "Song - Artist - Spotify" would be the best format (or better make it configurable what to show at the first place), as seeing current song name is what matters, you usually know the artist already or can figure it out from the song name.


For example look at Chrome's window title, it starts with the current page url as it's the most important part, and ends with " - Google Chrome". When Spotify is minimized all I can see is "Spotify - Artis...".




I don't know if it's a bug from my windows 7 or a feature disappeared from the new spotify version, but the played title and artist aren't displayed anymore in my task bar (even in the bad order).

It's very annoying, now I must click on the thumbnail and have spotify in full screen to see what's the song title I listen while I'm working on my computer 😕

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So, instead of putting song title in the front they completely removed it and now all I see when I minimize 1.0.3 is "Spotify Premium". Why would anyone want to see what song is currently playing, right.


This function is now reactivated : Spotify


Thanks to the dev team ! Smiley Very Happy