A day at the Spotify office in Cambridge

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Last week, me (Jordi) and Community Legend @Flixx (Felix) visited the Spotify office in Cambridge during our short trip to the UK. While we kindly asked for a quick tour through the office and only expected them say either yes or no, they went all in. We both were completely surprised by what they organised for us.

The day started with that quick tour I asked for. @Chris__s introduced us to the team and after that we played a short game of Ping Pong. Luckily for both of us that we didn’t play competitive.

After I mastered Ping Pong we went to a meeting room. They prepared a presentation for us about what they do on a regular day--then more employees joined the meeting. There were about 15 of them, some of them are also active in the Community. They went around the table and said their name and when they started working for Spotify.

After all the employees went back and we sat next to @Jake, one of the masterminds behind @SpotifyCares. We talked a bit about Twitter and the cooperation with the Community. These guys are so creative in their work that they even won a Webby Award by just being nice and creative.

After all this intensity, we needed some relaxation. We got lunch, and @Adam_B gave us a tour around the city. Did you know that he is not only a great Tweeter, but also one of the best tour guides in Cambridge?

When we came back from the tour, a second surprise was waiting for us. Community Managers @Per and @Meredith were eager to meet us through Google Hangouts. We talked about our day and how the office looks like.

The last part of the day was all about meeting many different guys. @Pete (Community Moderator) showed me how they communicate with the developers, Rock Stars and the customers. @Jake made me laugh very hard with some cool Instagram videos they are working on and I even met the guy that is designing all the cool rewards for the Community (@eddroard) like the famous Rock Star Hoodie.


IMG_1323.JPGCambridge team, do you recognize them all?Thank you Cambridge team for giving me this experience. I not only smiled a lot, but I also learned a lot during this day. 





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Community Legend

Cool blog post. Reads like it was a fun time.

Gig Goer

Was awesome meeting you @Jordi and @Flixx!!

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

Great experience apparently :)





Glad to hear you guys enjoyed your visit! ;)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Looks like it was an amazing trip @Jordi & @Flixx so glad you got to meet everyone and see a bit more of Spotify behind-the-scenes!




@Jordi @Flixx


You guys rule! 


It was a pleasure to meet you both :)


This is really cool!


Great to meet you both @Jordi and @Flixx.


I had no idea there was a Spotify "team" in Cambridge, only about an hour's drive from where I live. Lucky things - I LOVE Cambridge.


It's good to see them and I wish them well, but it does explain a hell of a lot about the frustrations of us older users when we feel Spotify doesn't really cater for us.


How about letting a couple of oldies have some input too Spotify? You're not really ageist, are you? Or maybe we should just wait - they'll be oldies too sooner than they think. Hope you don't scrap them when they are.