Anniversary Blog - Meet the Mods vol.2

Anniversary Blog - Meet the Mods vol.2

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☀️ Hey folks!


Welcome to the fourth and final blog of this series where we introduce the people behind the Community in anticipation of its 10th Anniversary!



📜 We have prepared for you today the Backstage Intros of @Mario and @Yordan , part of our Moderator team, and some of our lovely Managers - @Goodman, @Melody and @Emil . You can check them out below:



Some of you might have noticed that these aren't all the faces from our merry bunch - indeed we're missing a few Backstage Intros. We promise that the folks aren't shying away and will get their due introduction in the (not-to-distant) future! So keep an eye out 👀 To keep the suspense going we've prepared some interesting facts about the Community team:


  • We're based primarily in two locations, about 10,000km/6,300mi away from each other!
  •  We're all animal lovers, but we have way more cats than dogs 😻🐶
  • The median moderator age is approx. 32 years 👶
  • We're a team of over 10 nationalities 🌎🌍🌏
  • The newest member of the team started in 2022, the most tenured one - in 2012!


🎁 In the meantime there are still a couple of days left until our Community reaches the ripe old age of 10 on the 8th! Who know what other surprises will pop up until then?


From all us behind the Community - cheers and see you on the boards! 🎆

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