April 2016 : New Indie Albums Worth a Listen #2

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April 2016 - New Indie Releases #2


New Music Friday : April 8th


Parquet Courts Deftones
"Human Performance" "Gore"
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA Origin : Sacramento, California, USA
Genre : Indie Garage-Rock Genre : Alternative Metal, Experimental
Fifth studio album of the American band. Album talking to our brain as well as to our sensitivity. Deeper album than it looks like at first.
Eight studio album of the Californian band. Vocals, Riffs, heavy Basslines, Exploration of new territories, melancholy, all the ingredients for a great album.
Frightened Rabbit M83
"Painting Of A Panic Attack (Deluxe)" "Junk"
Origin : Selkirk, Scotland Origin : Antibes, France
Genre : Indie Folk-Rock Genre : Synthpop, Dream-Pop
Their fifth and strongest album. The atmosphere of The National is never far. Some delicate and subtile choruses.
Seventh studio album of the French electronic band led by Anthony Gonzalez and currently based in Los Angeles.
The Lumineers Eliza And The Bear
"Cleopatra" "Eliza And The Bear"
Origin : Denver, Colorado, USA Origin : London, England
Genre : Indie Folk, Folk-Rock Genre : Indie Rock
Great songwriting on this second studio album where the band shows a solid sense of catchy melodies.
Self-titled debut album of this British band developping a solid songwriting and a taste for catchy hooks.
Woods Moving Units
"City Sun Eater In The River Of Light" "Damage With Care"
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre : Indie Folk-Rock Genre : Indie Dance-Punk
Ninth studio album of the band led by singer-guitarist and founder Jeremy Earl who also runs the rising Brooklyn label Woodsist.
After Blake Miller left the band in 2012, the original band members reached an agreement where Miller was given permission to use the band's name "Moving Units" with new members and continue the project under the same moniker.
Peter Wolf Alan Price
"A Cure For Loneliness" "Savaloy Dip"
Origin : Bronx, New York, USA Origin : England
Genre : Rock, Soul, Americana Genre : Blues-Rock
best known as the lead vocalist for The J. Geils Band from 1967 to 1983, Peter wolk continues his solo career with his eighth soulful studio album.
Re-release of the first solo album of the original keyboardist for the British band The Animals. Originally, set to be released in United States in 1974, for some mysterious reasons, it never happened. Mistake is repaired now.
Mayer Hawthorne All Saints
"Man About Town" "Red Flag"
Origin : Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA Origin : London, England
Genre : Indie Soul, Neo-Soul Genre : Indie Pop
Sixth studio album of the Grammy-nominated American singer, producer, songwriter, arranger, audio-engineer, DJ and multi-instrumentalist, currently based in Los Angeles.
After being reunited in 1973, the English-Canadian girl group delivers its fourth studio album with some catchy pop tunes.
The Dandy Warhols Tim Hecker
"Distortland" "Love Streams"
Origin : Portland, Oregon, USA Origin : Vancouver, Canada
Genre : Alternative Rock, Psychedelic Genre : Electronic, Ambient
Tenth studio album for the American band formed in 1994. Haunting psychedelic atmosphere and some strong hooks.
Eighth studio album of the Canadian musician, recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland, where parts of his last two albums have been recorded. Liturgical aesthetics.
Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals Quiet Life
"Call It What It Is" "Foggy"
Origin : Pomona, California, USA Origin : Portland, Oregon, USA
Genre : Blues-Rock, Roots Genre : American, Psyche-Folk
Thirteenth studio album of the American singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, three-time Grammy Award winner. Soulful release.
Born in New London, Connecticut, the band, led by brother's Sean & Ryan Spellman, releases its fourth LP showing a solid songwriting..
Camp Claude Tax The Heat
"Swimming Lessons" "Fed To The Lions"
Origin : Paris, France Origin : Bristol, England
Genre : Electro-Pop-Rock-New-Wave Genre : Rock, Blues-Rock, Roots
After a great feedback for their EP "Hurricanes" in 2014, here is the debut album of the French three-piece band carried by the stylish voice of their singer Diane Sagnier.
Debut album of the British Rock band now signed to Nuclear Blast Records. Energetic guitars, Riffs, solos, the best way to make sound new a timeless music.
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I must have listened almost a hundred times to The Lumineers since I  read this post.

Great album ! Thanks for the tip !!