April 2016 : New Indie Albums Worth a Listen #4

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April 2016 - New Indie Releases #4


New Music Friday : April 22nd, 2016


Guided By Voices We Are Scientists
"Please Be Honest" "Helter Seltzer"
Origin : Dayton, Ohio, USA Origin : Claremont, California, USA
Genre : Indie Rock, Lo-Fi Genre : Indie Rock
Formed in the early 80's, disbanded several times, the band has always maintained the presence of its leader, songwriter, Robert Pollard. Very prolific, the band delivers its twenty-third album, as usual, craftsmen recorded.
Fifth studio album from the New York City- based duo made of guitarist and vocalist Keith Murray and bass guitarist Chris Cain. They are known for incorporating comedy into their live performances.
Candlebox Matthew And The Atlas
"Disappearing In Airports" "Temple"
Origin : Seattle, Washington, USA Origin : Aldershot, England
Genre : Post Grunge, Hard-Rock Genre : Alternative-Folk
Sixth studio album of the multi-platinum and gold certification band formed in 1990 under the name Uncle Duke. Disbanded in 2000, the band has reunited in 2006 and is pursuing its success with 3 former members led by Kevin Martin.
Second studio album of the British band led by singer-songwriter Matthew Hegarty. This album proposes a great-songwriting, solid melodies and delicate harmonies.
Blue Man Group Puggy
"Three" "Colours"
Origin : New York City, New York, USA Origin : Belgium
Genre : Theatre group, Experimental Genre : Indie Electro-Pop
Not easy to really classify Blue Man Group which formed in 1991. It's a theatrical group creating music to support its performances. This tenth album has been recorded to celebrate their 25th anniversary.
Fourth studio album of the band formed in 2004 at a Jazz-School in Brussels by a French bassist, an English vocalist and a Swedish drummer--that's why they consider the band to be Belgian.
Wire Max Raptor
"Nocturnal Koreans" "Max Raptor"
Origin : London, England Origin : Midlands, England
Genre : Art-Rock, Post-Punk Genre : Punk-Rock, Indie-Rock
Fifteenth studio album from the unpredictable band started as Punk in 1976 and who always explore different territories with every new album. I won't forget to mention that the 3 original members still there are 61, 63, 64 years old now. Creativity and talent have no age.
Only the third studio album of the punk band formed in 2006 and continuing to deliver a strong punk-rock with none of the former members.
Big Black Delta Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
"Trágame Tierra" "La Araña Es La Vida"
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA Origin : La Puente, California, USA
Genre : Electro-rock, Experimental Genre : Garage-Rock, Lo-Fi

Third studio album of Big Black Delta, solo project of Jonathan Bates, bassist/vocalist of the band Mellowdrone. Creativity and rich harmonies are the master words for this recording.

Band led by King Congo Powers, American guitarist and singer best know as a member of The Gun Club, The Cramps and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The Punk legend found now in D.C. all it needs to still be bluesy, psychedelic, controversial, ambiguous at 57 years old.