April 2016 : New Indie Albums Worth a Listen #5

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April 2016 - New Indie Releases #5


New Music Friday : April 29, 2016


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Melt Yourself Down
Nonagon Infinity Last Evenings On Earth
Origin : Melbourne, Australia Origin : London, England
Genre : Psychedelic Rock Genre : Afro-Jazz-Funk, Avant-Garde
Eighth studio album from the prolific Australian band formed in 2010 and known for their energetic live performances.
Founded in 2012, this British band is led by saxophonist Pete Wareham. This second studio album incorporates elements of North African musical styles, punk, jazz and funk.
Rogue Wave The Jayhawks
Delusions Of Grand Fur Paging Mr. Proust
Origin : Oakland, California, USA Origin : Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Genre : Indie Rock, Lo-Fi Genre : Alternative country-rock
Sixth studio album from the band through new record label Easy Sound Recording Company created in 2014.
Ninth studio album from the band formed in the mid 80's and delivering melodic country-rock. Now exploring now psychedelic territories.
Haly Reinhart Lera Lynn
Better Resistor
Origin : Wheeling, Illinois, USA Origin : Houston, Texas, USA
Genre : Indie-Pop, Jazz, Rock, Soul Genre : Indie Pop-rock, Americana
Second studio album of the American singer-songwriter, voice actress who signed a record deal after finishing 3rd in the ninth season of American Idol.
Fifth studio album of the American singer-songwriter, musician and actress. Very personal songwriting. Haunting melodies.
Greyhounds Lack Of Afro
Change Of Pace Hello Baby
Origin : Austin, Texas, USA Origin : The South West, UK
Genre : Neo-Soul Genre : Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul
Sixth studio album of the American duo consisting of keyboardist Anthony Farrell and guitarist Anthony Trube. They both share singing and songwriting.
Lack of Afro is the musical project of multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer and DJ, Adam Gibbons. This fifth studio recording is the 1st on his own label and shows various guests as Joss Stone and more.
Adam Green Pepper
Aladdin Ohana
Origin : Mount Kisco, New York, USA Origin : Kailua-Kona, Hawai, USA
Genre : Indie-Folk, Anti-Folk Genre : Alternative Reggae-Rock

Well known as one half of the band The Moldy Peaches, the American singer-songwriter, artist and filmmaker delivers with this album, the soundtrack of his last movie, his proper version of "Aladdin".

Based in San Diego, California, the three piece band offers with "Ohana" its seventh studio album mixing again with talent the energy of rock and the exoticism of reggae.
You Won't Haken
Revolutionaries Affinity
Origin : Massachusetts, USA Origin : London, England
Genre : Indie Pop-Rock Genre : Progressive Rock/Metal

You Won't is the musical duo of Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri, who first met in 1999 in high school. Revolutionaries the band’s second LP, "is at its heart a reflection on the crumbling of youthful idealism in the face of the compromises and moral ambiguities of adulthood."

Fourth studio album of the British band. Elaborated compositions and high level instrumentations.
Sixx:A.M. Rob Zombie
Prayers For The Damned The Electric Warlock Acid With...
Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA Origin : Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA
Genre : Hard Rock, Alternative Metal Genre : Heavy Metal, Hard Rock

Fifth studio album of the Californian band formed in 2007 by Nikki Sixx, DJ Ashba, and James Michael.

Sixth studio album of the American musician, film director, screenwriter and film producer.


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Check out THREEPEACE New album "Northern Shore" in heavy rotation on MichiganTopHitsRadio.Com! Pop Reggae Rock with a social conscience! Check it out and Follow THREEPEACE!




ThreePeace Northern Shore Cover Final.jpg


Michigan based THREEPEACE returns with their 5th studio album "Northern Shore" in the mold of their musical heroes Bob Marley and The Police and their many other Reggae Rasta Rocker influences. Speaking of The Police, I couldn't help but notice this is the 5th THREEPEACE album and the first song, "Spirit of the Son" mentions "Synchronicity" in it. Perhaps THREEPEACE and The Police have some synchronicity of their own. The band continues to grow in their songwriting and has also developed some different feels on this album, in addition to the Reggae Rock they are known for. On this album the band continues to dive into topics as social critics. Their song Hemp Oil, dedicated to cancer patients being denied their rights to use hemp oil as a life saving treatment, touching on Dr. Sanjay Gupta from CNN and the FDA along the way. Also pointing out the availability of hemp oil as a fuel source. Then comes the tongue in cheek laughter track "Quarter Mile", complete with a trumpeting elephant, exposing the stereotypical Hollywood Barbie doll, fixated on her weight and the weight of everyone around her! LOL! A slam on tabloid trash magazines celebrity weight issues and a reminder to just be yourself! The title track of the album is "Northern Shore" and the the spirit of that song, combined with the Michigan air, delivers a haunting spiritual track that eases the album into the softer grooves that come as a flow in the closing of the album. Likewise, "Father, Mother, Sister, Brother" speaks to each of our own self conscience regarding our view of the less privileged we cross paths with in this world, and a reminder to have compassion. The cover art is none other than that of the Mackinaw Bridge giving this album a authentic "Northern Shore" feel hand painted by Leftee & Big R. On the song "Body Bags" the band touches on the crime wave that runs through their home town of Flint Michigan. This song originally composed long ago, seemed as relevant today as it was back then, thus the band decided to release it on this compilation. If you have listened to THREEPEACE in the past, you are aware that the current of social awareness is something that flows through their songs and the vibe of their music, and that is something that continues on this album. The band has nailed the sound and vibe they have set out to create, complete with stronger melodies and very catchy singable melodies running through the songs, for example "Spirit of the Son", "Our Song" and "The More Things Change". The band closes the album off with a instrumental called "Moonlight on the Water" which is the perfect song to listen to with a Michigan sunset and cold one, it floats you right out there with the Great Lakes surf! THREEPEACE fans are going to no doubt love this album, it takes you on a musical journey which touches on all era's of the band, while carving out new areas to explore and adventure! Big R's guitar playing is a haunting Jimi Hendrix experience cutting through the tracks, and Leftee's drumming is spot on the reggae groove ala Stewart Copeland. The band continues to grow around the world for good reason, these songs are a return to a time where the message and the music mattered, as well as the concept of a album! Northern Shore is definitely a THREEPEACE album you will want to add to your collection. We will be adding this album to our station rotation as soon as it is released and I really enjoyed being able to put the first review on it! Highly Recommended! Very Good Listen! - Michael Geromes Program Director at Michigan Top Hits Radio. - (© 2016 Sheehan Sound Engineering, publishing administered by ASCAP. Recorded at Mt. Zion Recording Studio in Otter Lake, Mi, Overdub and Mastering at Sheehan Sound Engineering Studios in Grand Blanc Mi, Mastering at Channel Fuse Media Memphis, Tennessee)