April 2016 : New Indie Albums Worth a Listen

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April 2016 - New Indie Releases


New Music Friday : April 1st


The Last Shadow Puppets Weezer
"Everything You've Come To Expect" "Weezer (White Album)"
Origin : England Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre : Indie Pop-Rock Genre : Power Pop-Rock, Punk
The British songwriting at its best with this "superband" led by Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kane (The Rascals and solo artist).
10th studio album by the American band who hasn't lost any of its energy and knows better than nobody else craft catchy melodies.
Black Stone Cherry The Heavy
"Kentucky (Deluxe Edition)" "Hurt & The Merciless"
Origin : Edmonton, Kentucky, USA Origin : Bath, England
Genre : Alternative Hard-Rock, Metal Genre : Indie-Rock, Alternative Soul
Fifth studio album showing a solid and energetic Southern Hard-Rock but never forgetting to stay melodic.
Fourth studio album by the British band playing a mix of heavy rock guitar and Soul atmosphere.
Yeasayer Bleached
"Amen & Goodbye" "Welcome The Worms"
Origin : Brooklyn, New York, USA Origin : Los Angeles, California, USA
Genre : Experimental, Psychedelic-Pop Genre : Punky Psychedelic-Pop
Fourth studio album of the American band formed in 2006. Catchy melodies and subtile vocals.
Bleached features sisters Jennifer and Jessie Clavin, formerly of Los Angeles band Mika Miko. 2nd studio album.
Laura Gibson Wilde
"Empire Builder" "The Party"
Origin : Coquille, Oregon, USA Origin : Chicago, Illinois, USA
Genre : Indie Folk-Pop Genre : Indie-Americana
Fourth studio album by The American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, classically trained cellist, actually living in New York City. Gravity and energy are the best words to describe her music.
Second studio album of the band incorporating in its music multiple musical genres including: blues, rock, gypsy, and indie.
Willis Earl Beal Moderat
"Through The Dark" "III (Deluxe Edition)"
Origin : Chicago, Illinois, USA Origin : Berlin, Germany
Genre : Alternative, Experimental, Lo Fi Genre : Alternative Electronic
New mini-album of the creative singer-songwriter, musician, music producer, visual artist, writer, actor. One of a kind of artist just to enjoy without try to classify.
Moderat is a collaboration between electronic producer Apparat and Modeselektor. Despite experimental touches, the music keeps to be incredibly catchy.
Charles Bradley Frankie Cosmos
"Changes" "Next Thing"
Origin : Gainesville, Florida, USA Origin : New York City, New York, USA
Genre : Indie Funky-Soul Genre : Indie Pop-Rock, Lo-Fi
One of the masterpieces of the label Daptone Records. Even if he is celebrating the feel of funk and soul music from the 1960s and 1970s, it's better to classify his style as the new old-school.
After many recordings on her bandcamp and a debut studio album in 2014, "Next Thing" is the 2nd full release of the singer-songwriter, guitarist and a brilliant collection of small catchy lo-fi songs.
Bibio Hammock
"A Mineral Love" "Everything And Nothing"
Origin : West Midlands, England Origin : Nashville, Tennessee, USA
Genre : Electronic, Experimental Genre : Ambient, Post-Rock
With his eight studio album, the music producer Stephen Wilkinson, better known as Bibio, continues to develop his unique and delicate sound. When experimental doesn't mean impenetrable.
Ninth studio album for the two-member band creating an atmospheric music, mostly instrumental, combining instrumentation, electronic beats and droning guitar.
Mogwai Pet Shop Boys
"Atomic" "Super"
Origin : Glasgow, Scotland Origin : London, England
Genre : Post-Rock Genre : Electro-Pop, Synthpop
"Atomic", ninth studio album of the band, is the soundtrack of the Mark Cousins' 2015 documentary : Atomic, Living in Dread and Promise.
"Super" thirteenth album of the British duo is the second recorded on their own label and produced by Stuart Price. Time is passing and the band is still standing straight in their boots.
Explosions In The Sky Woodpigeon
"The Wilderness" "T R O U B L E"
Origin : Austin, Texas, USA Origin : Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Genre : Post-Rock, Instrumental Genre : Indie-Pop, Folk-Rock
Seventh studio album of the experimental American band and always the same creativity and sophisticated sound.
"Trouble" is the sixth studio album of the Canadian collective led by Mark Andrew Hamilton who has worked, all along his career, with over 70 collaborators both on record and live performance.
The Summer Set Poldoore
"Stories For Monday" "The Day After"
Origin : Scottsdale, Arizona, USA Origin : Leuven, Belgium
Genre : Indie Pop-Rock, Pop-Punk Genre : Electronic, Beats
Despite reportedly broken in 2015, the band releases with "Stories For Monday"their fourth studio album.
The Belgian producer mix Soul, Funk and Jazz into an atmospheric instrumental Hip-Hop.